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Glastonbury Festivalgoers wait for the portable toilets to be cleaned in Somerset, England. The porta-potty vacuum is attached to a tanker truck equipped with a large waste storage unit and a smaller freshwater tank. Sadly, cleaning out the holding tank is often the least disgusting part of a porta-potty worker's job. Porta-potty vacuum tankers deliver their horrible contents to municipal wastewater treatment plants, where it is added to the rest of the sewage sludge. At TLC, our septic services include several branches and fields that you won’t find other companies offering. We are licensed in 4 counties in Montana for septic installation and in 56 counties for septic pumping, so we have worked with people and businesses all over the state and understand the diverse needs and issues that can arise with septic service, treatment, installation and maintenance. One of the tools we own is a state-of-the-art diagnostic camera with color recording, as well as a water jetter, that can reach 400 feet. Essentially, at TLC Septic Service, we are able to comprehensively meet and solve all septic issues and needs. In the United States, mobile sanitation is a billion dollar a year industry, including everything from the most basic port-a-potty to VIP units.
The company also makes restroom trailers, and their state-of-the-art Omega J-Series trailer shown at the top of this page will leave any port-a-potty dead in its tracks with features and technology that are lightyears ahead of its domestic competitors.

ADS specializes in equipment that can be deployed rapidly, and caters to anything from racing events to disaster relief operations.
We have free standing handwash stations for events or job sites that allow people to wash hands by means of a fresh water tank and a foot pedal prime.
Single heated self-contained washroom units are equipped with fresh water flush toilets and hot water sinks for construction sites or events. Our VIP Washroom Trailers (pictured below) are designed for weddings and special events with either 3 private entrances or 2 private entrances.
Servicing the Niagara Region, St-Catharines, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Grimsby, Niagara Region, St. Specializing in both Residential and Commercial Operations, Wineries, Events, and Weddings. Once the contents of the potty are removed, the sanitation worker fills the tank with a few buckets of freshwater and then adds the required squirts of blue goo or a pre-measured packet of dry solution. One anonymous porta-potty worker wrote about finding cell phones, glasses, lots of drug paraphernalia, the occasional lethal weapon and the sadly less occasional wallet full of cash or expensive piece of jewelry floating in the blue poop swamp.
Storms, errant vehicles and hilarious pranksters will sometimes knock over a portable toilet, but the real nightmare is when it tips over on its door. Their Super Trailer units can be equipped with 30 to 40 toilets, and two or more of these can be linked together for huge capacity.

Both styles have premium interiors, flush toilets, hot water sinks, florescent lighting, air-conditioning & heating and sound systems.
They will deposit waste where no waste should ever be deposited: next to the seat, on the seat, in the urinal, on the floor, on the walls and on the ceiling (don't ask). In that situation, the worker has to lift up the unit as a tidal wave of waste pours out, coating every internal surface. So next time you see one of these trucks on the road, give the driver an appreciative wave. This trailer will lower itself to the ground by remote control and uses leveling jacks on uneven surfaces, completely eliminating the need for steps.
These units can be hooked-up to city sewers on the job site or we can service the units weekly with our service truck. On a typical day, a portable sanitation worker will service 40 to 50 different units [source: Cutter].
The worker will actually have to step inside the poop-marinated box to clean some hard-to-reach areas [source: Cutter].

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