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Standard Porta Potties - these are used primarily for construction sites and public places. VIP Porta Potty Rentals - these are often called special event portable toilets and they are primarily used for wedding receptions, parties, and special events. Restroom Trailers - restroom trailers are the top of the line when it comes to portable restrooms. You should expect to pay around $100-$150 for a standard construction site porta john, and about $50-$100 more for a special event portable toilet.
It is recommended to set up a delivery more than a week in advance, but many companies can provide same day service for emergencies. Rent-A-Can has been providing Tempe, AZ with quality Toilet Rental service since 1999 and we are the leading provider of portable restrooms, sinks and trailers in Tempe and its surrounding areas. Hand Washing Stations are very important on a job site or major event in order to keep hands clean and free from dirt or bacteria.
When it comes to bizarre toilet stories, China may be in the running for the number one spot. With a loud boom, the explosion knocked the exterior walls outward, lightly injuring another woman passing close by. Well, it seems that in major urban areas, China has been making an effort to go from simple hole-in-the-ground style toilets to stall-like toilets. Still, as lucky as everyone involved (or not involved) may have been, we can only imagine how long it will be before this poor woman ever feels capable of using a public restroom again. Enter your email address to follow RocketNews24 and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Flexible PricingWhatever your budget, our service will remain impeccable and our team is available around the clock.

DedicationOur field technicians are high-quality union teamsters who are trained for their job and treated with respect.
In order to provide you with an accurate estimate, please provide as much detail as possible. Whether you're hosting an event, building a skyscraper, or getting hitched, you don't want to think about portable sanitation. They come with running water, electricity, heating and air conditioning, sinks, and everything else that you would expect in a luxury bathroom. If it's not an emergency you should contact them about a week or two before you need a porta potty, that way you can get the exact unit you want, and you can also set up a delivery time that works best with your schedule. Many companies will allow you to rent porta potties for just one weekend, but keep in mind that you will often be charged for the full month regardless of whether you use it for one day or two weeks.
We’ve been servicing the portable toilet needs of our customers in Tempe, Arizona for years and we can help you choose the right toilet for your next party or function.
We have many portable toilets for rent to choose from and would love to share our inventory with you. In the interim, low walls, usually made of bricks and about the height of a person’s hips when standing, are being erected on either side of the holes. As Mayday was a national holiday in the country, not many people were on the street, which is usually particularly busy at that time as workers rush to a nearby factory. The Anime Power Moves Everyone Tried (And Failed) To Master3-D Mickey and Minnie Cakes are Too Cute to Eat! For immediate assistance or more information, please call our Customer Service Team at 800-628-8955. When you use Porta Potty Pros to rent a porta potty you will get lower prices, better customer service, on-time deliveries, and clean units.

Find your nearest city and call one of the suppliers listed to get the best rates on any type of portable restroom.
Most companies operate on a 28 day billing period, so if they are charging monthly be sure to ask whether you will be charged at the beginning of every month or every 28 days. It seems that some electrical wiring had deteriorated to the point of letting off sparks, which then ignited the methane gas stored up in the septic tank. As the woman was squatting at the time of the explosion, the brick walls protected her and she escaped without injury. Had it been a regular workday, the toilet would probably have been in much greater demand, which would have meant many more injuries. In the show 'Large, Dangerous Rocket Ships,' he does indeed launch a flying porta-potty with a lot of success. On behalf of Harmony residents, I thank you for your much needed service and have no complaints. Apparently, such a stunt has never been tried before, which is surprising since humans really love lighting anything and everything on fire. But when those facilities are compromised due to natural disasters it is nice to know that Mr.

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