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Deluxe compact portable toilet with hold down kit, freshwater flush, tank level indicator and features to aid with clean disposal of waste. Thetford Porta Potti Qube 335 Portable Toilet with Hold Down Kit InformationThetford Porta Potti toilets are a selection of 'all-in-one' chemical toilets that have a host of features to help improve portable toilet facilities.
The Porta Potti toilets are a staple boating name - you are more than likely to hear boaters refer to their portable toilet as a 'Porta Potti' much like a vacuum cleaner is a 'Hoover'.

With its sturdy two part 'cassette' style boat or caravan toilet, where the bottom half of the toilet is the holding tank (10 Litres) and the top half is the basin enclosing the flush water tank (10 Litres) with removable toilet seat and lid to help cleaning, they provide a good alternative to built in toilet systems. Thetford Porta Potti 335 has a 10 Litre holding tank with a waste level indicator, a 10 Litre flush water tank, lifting handle, spring loaded release valve, a valve blade, a pressure relief vent and a rotating emptying spout all of which aid with clean disposal of waste and a hold down kit so that the portable toilet can be locked into place securely.
This boat or caravan toilet comes complete with free toilet chemical samples to help get you started and the hold down kit which helps to prevent the toilet moving around the bathroom.

The two parts pull apart from each other when needed to allow the easy disposal of waste from the holding tank which is the bottom segment of the toilet.

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