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These cloth training pants have an absorbent center panel that contains the accidents, but still allows your toddler to feel uncomfortable and therefore increase her awareness of her excretory function, especially when compared to diapers and pull-ups. Glastonbury Festivalgoers wait for the portable toilets to be cleaned in Somerset, England.
The porta-potty vacuum is attached to a tanker truck equipped with a large waste storage unit and a smaller freshwater tank.
Sadly, cleaning out the holding tank is often the least disgusting part of a porta-potty worker's job. Porta-potty vacuum tankers deliver their horrible contents to municipal wastewater treatment plants, where it is added to the rest of the sewage sludge. If your outdoor wedding needs some bathroom accommodations of the bright blue variety, you're only one step away from nerdtastic Doctor Who Porta-potties. Rae and Jason had a Doctor Who meets Renaissance faire wedding and these TARDIS Porta-potties fit right in. Yesterday, we shared with you some very fun pics of ridiculous bathroom lines and piss cups that fans had to deal with due to the renovations of Wrigley Field that bled into opening day.

On opening night at Wrigley Field, lines were stretching around the concourse as patrons had to deal with several closed facilities.
They are specially designed to fit loosely so that they can be easily pulled on and off by your toddler. Once the contents of the potty are removed, the sanitation worker fills the tank with a few buckets of freshwater and then adds the required squirts of blue goo or a pre-measured packet of dry solution.
One anonymous porta-potty worker wrote about finding cell phones, glasses, lots of drug paraphernalia, the occasional lethal weapon and the sadly less occasional wallet full of cash or expensive piece of jewelry floating in the blue poop swamp. Storms, errant vehicles and hilarious pranksters will sometimes knock over a portable toilet, but the real nightmare is when it tips over on its door. They snagged a few large-sized police box stickers, stuck 'em on the top of the blue portable toilets, and voila: instant TARDIS. This temporary solution is not exactly a luxurious one, but it might keep the lines down to dozens of people, rather than hundreds. Any time you have to bring porta-potties for your guests in an indoor environment, it’s a pretty good sign of defeat.

Not only does this increase the chance of getting on the potty in time, but it also makes whole process much more independent, which is one of the goals potty training. They will deposit waste where no waste should ever be deposited: next to the seat, on the seat, in the urinal, on the floor, on the walls and on the ceiling (don't ask). In that situation, the worker has to lift up the unit as a tidal wave of waste pours out, coating every internal surface.
So next time you see one of these trucks on the road, give the driver an appreciative wave. On a typical day, a portable sanitation worker will service 40 to 50 different units [source: Cutter].
The worker will actually have to step inside the poop-marinated box to clean some hard-to-reach areas [source: Cutter].

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