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Shark Fishing Amelia Island, Shark Fishing Ponte Vedra Beach, Shark Fishing in St Augustine, Many boats to choose from. Haven't posted here in a long time but i've read something here almost weekly that has helped me in some way or another. What I need is a boat that can accommodate the family plus a couple friends (20-23') , is fishing friendly just soaking lines out the back and would prefer if I could also somehow put a trolling motor on to poke through creeks and cast to redfish.
You know, I have come across that Nauticstar 210 coastal before and it's a brilliant boat, however I'm not sure how I would feel offshore except on the absolute BEST days. Another thought, fuel mileage is a consideration and I fear I'll be hard to please after the DF140 I had previously.
I don't remember what, but there was something I didn't like about the Key West, i know first hand they make a great boat though.
But either way - Sea Hunt has been a great and very reliable boat for us (was my first) and if they made a bigger boat we'd certainly be considering them as well as the gw and bw we are looking at.
But I would look hard at a cat, I think you can get a 20' cat that would handle all of the things you want to do maybe even better then the mono's there are a couple of the manufacturers on here I am sure they will chime in.

I'm absolutely not against a cat, I don't have any experience in one in this size range (but much larger and much smaller).
Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
The time has come, I sold my beloved Sea Pro SV2100CC to my dad and it now resides in Crystal River, FL (I still get to use it whenever I want) That was over a year ago and my daughter is now 3 years old and it's getting time for a boat that the family can actually use. I've yet to find a center console that has the comfort factor to sit facing rearward or another boat that can do everything I want and still be fishable. I do like the Grady quality but I would imagine used is the only way I could afford one in the size I require.
In the meantime, I got a Hobie revolution kayak to satisfy my itch to fish and have really come to appreciate stealthy kayak fishing. I am absolutely sold on Suzuki and would prefer if I could power the new boat with a DF175. I've never bought a new boat, How do I go about getting a Suzuki when everyone only offers Yamaha, I don't have a problem with Yamaha but price vs performance, the Suzi gets me.

I have to stress that sitting facing rearward COMFORTABLY while fishing is of the utmost importance. Dad found someone that makes a bracket to raise the flip-flop cooler seat on the Sea Pro about 10" and it works great but I want multiple seats that have the capability to face aft, hence the dual console.
The hunt continues but I have a deployment looming (active duty Navy) so any purchase won't happen until later this year or early next year. However, I am the type that has to research for excessive amounts of time to get exactly what I want the first time for the best price.

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