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Figuring out what to do when nature calls on the water has been a problem since man started messing about in boats. Today there are all sorts of marine sanitation devices (MSDs), and there are also lots of regulations that dictate how you can and can’t install and use them. Short of a bucket, the simplest device to deal with onboard sewage is a portable head, aka porta-potty. A portable toilet has both a water supply and holding tank incorporated into a single, compact design. A manual marine head consists of a porcelain bowl, a hand-pumped raw-water intake, and a discharge elbow. An electric head incorporates an electric pump that creates suction to pull in water and also expel waste from the bowl.
And yes, believe it or not, there are even composting and incinerating toilets that can be used on boats, but they are certainly specialized, and not the norm. You can’t simply install one of the aforementioned marine heads and have it discharge overboard. So, once you’ve had a chance to check out all the different types of marine heads out there, keep an eye out here for Part Two, when we’ll discuss the legal ways to install a new head and holding tank, or retrofit an old one to comply with overboard discharge laws.
My first a€?propera€™ cruising yacht, a Nicholson 32, sported a Lavac boat toilet - and very efficient and reliable it was too.
Traditionally known as a€?the headsa€™ owing to the forward position normally allocated for it in old sailing vessels, pump operated sea toilets can be a little temperamental if not properly cared for. Your boat toileta€™s malicious streak can come to a head (sorry) when it has been installed below the waterline, where it has the capability of sinking the boat if not fitted with siphon breaks on both inlet and outlet pipes.
For as long as it takes to clear the whole length of discharge hose and that of course depends on how long it is.

Once the user has made a deposit, he or she actuates the pump by hand a half dozen or so times. Since it is illegal to discharge untreated sewage into pretty much any body of water in the United States, that means these heads must be plumbed to a holding tank or treatment device. Theya€™ll either smell, leak (in which case theya€™ll definitely smell), the pump will block or the pipes will fur up. One 12v pump sucks the flush water in and another delivers the waste either directly into the sea or to a holding tank. Man with length of flexible toilet hose trying grimly to beat it to death on the dock, chunks of unpleasant stuff flying in all directions. The solution is simplea€¦Put a few sheets of toilet paper in the pan, start pumping and count the strokes. By Incorporating a head, fold-out lounge seat, walk-thru windshield, and bow cushions, the 226 DC may better serve the needs of the whole fun-loving family. You simply do your business, actuate a hand- or foot-operated pump, and then the water flushes away the bowl contents into the holding tank.
The up stroke of the pump draws water into the bowl and flushes away the contents, while the down stroke expels the waste through the discharge elbow. Which, unfortunately, requires Y-valves, vented loops, specialized hose, and more words to explain than will fit in this short blog. All of these unhappy events can be prevented by correct installation and regular maintenance a€“ which wea€™ll return to later. Incorporated into the unit is a macerator which, much in the way of a culinary blender, reduces the waste and toilet paper to liquid form before pumping it out. The design of these units is simple; the waste falls by gravity into a detachable tank beneath the bowl which is periodically taken off the boat and emptied.

Get another person to check when it emerges at the other end, add another half-a-dozen strokes or so and thata€™s how many times you must pump it on every use.
Raritan Sea Era Marine Size Toilet - Press - Fresh Water - White - 162MF012Save on Raritan Products! The huge open-aft cockpit will attract many serious recreational anglers as well as professional guides. When the tank is full, you take it ashore and empty it into a suitable toilet, or give it to a pump-out facility equipped to handle it. Another type of electric head uses an electric pump to create a vacuum that pulls waste from the bowl back into a tank for holding—simply step on a foot pedal and everything in the bowl magically vanishes.
Typically they hold between 2 and 5 gallons of waste, and are very suitable for small sailboats or as an acceptable alternative to a boat toilet holding tank installation.
Then click the switch across to a€?drya€™ and pump a few more strokes to empty the pipes down to the water line and thata€™s it, job done! Ita€™s not enough to stop pumping just as soon as the toilet bowl is clear of the unmentionable a€“ youa€™ve got to keep going until it exits the thru-hull fitting. If you dona€™t, it will be left in the pipe, the pump or the macerator where sooner or later it ruin your day.

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