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Product DescriptionThe Drive Medical Portable Folding Walker in red easily folds, tool free, to half the size of a traditional walker and can be stored in a "Ready Set Go" pouch that is provided with each walker. The Potette Plus Folding Potty can be a lifesaver for potty training mums who don’t want to stay cooped up indoors while their child learns the ropes.
The Potette Plus is a plastic foldable potty that uses disposable liners to catch anything your child manages to do in the potty. It’s nerve-wracking taking your first steps outside the house with a nappy-less toddler and the Potette Plus Folding Potty gives you peace of mind that you can handle any eventuality. The Potette Plus Folding Potty is a great invention and certainly makes you feel prepared in the stressful early days of potty training. The legs are attached with strong elastic cords making it easy to fold flat, for easy storage and transportation.

Millions of toddlers have used Potettes in the 17 years since they were first created.The new 2008 design features sturdier legs and a non-slip base. The new updated design means even if you don’t use it as a potty for long, it still has a use, either out and about or at home.
I quickly replaced my Potette Plus Folding Potty with a plastic cup for emergency wees - smaller, cheaper and more readily available.
When the walker is opened, two side pouches with large pockets for personal items are held in place by hook-and-loop fastener straps to both side frames. Winner of the Preschool Gold Award it folds down small enough to fit in most nappy bags or buggy storage compartments and now doubles up as a toilet training seat. My son Finn never had a problem with using adult toilets but some children get scared and this is a great way to always have a familiar toilet seat with you.

And although I lived in fear of emergency poos, the call of nature never seemed to come outside the house. The liners are expensive, especially at the start when your child tends to go little and often.
You can rig up your own makeshift liners with a nappy bag and a bit of toilet paper if you can find the time to be creative.

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