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Standard Porta Potties - these are used primarily for construction sites and public places. VIP Porta Potty Rentals - these are often called special event portable toilets and they are primarily used for wedding receptions, parties, and special events.
Restroom Trailers - restroom trailers are the top of the line when it comes to portable restrooms. You should expect to pay around $100-$150 for a standard construction site porta john, and about $50-$100 more for a special event portable toilet. It is recommended to set up a delivery more than a week in advance, but many companies can provide same day service for emergencies.
The Pup-Head dog potty is easy to train your dog to use, has instant drainage and is offered a great price. Pup-Head is the perfect dog potty solution for apartments, high-rise buildings, travel, boats, recreational vehicles and cold weather climates. Great for elderly and disabled dog owners and anyone who may be unable to take their dogs outdoors several times a day. Place your Pup-Head inside when you are gone longer than usual to give your dog a place to relieve himself. The Pup-Head is almost level with the ground so your dog will not have to step up onto a platform. Don’t worry, if you have any trouble teaching your dog to use the potty after your purchase, contact our owner and professional trainer for free tips.

Open Box Special!: Get a great deal on a Mini Sized Pup-Head that was opened but not used and is completely new condition!
Please note that if you purchase additional items from the Pet Expertise Warehouse or other Supplier Direct items you may incur additional shipping charges which will be calculated at checkout. Discover A Proven Way For Toilet Training With "Pup-Head™ Portable Dog Potty With PupGrass™.
PricingON BACKORDERBecause of health and safety issues, portable dog potty products are not always returnable.
Use the "Add to Compare" and "Remove from Compare" buttons throughout the site to edit this list. Our Wheelchair Accessible portable toilets and ADA Compliant portable toilets allow you to offer bathroom facilities to anyone who needs this type of toilet, even when there is no plumbing or sewer available.
We keep our Wheelchair Accessible portable toilets and ADA Compliant portable toilets in good condition, and we'll work with you to set up a plan that keeps them well-maintained and easy to use. They come with running water, electricity, heating and air conditioning, sinks, and everything else that you would expect in a luxury bathroom. If it's not an emergency you should contact them about a week or two before you need a porta potty, that way you can get the exact unit you want, and you can also set up a delivery time that works best with your schedule. Many companies will allow you to rent porta potties for just one weekend, but keep in mind that you will often be charged for the full month regardless of whether you use it for one day or two weeks. The unique synthetic Pup-Grass turf has been treated with a patent-pending, organic attractant.

PupHead features instant drainage to the bottom of the pan to keep your dogs paws dry and your home clean. An unused Pup-Head can be returned for a $10 restocking fee if it is returned within 10 days of delivery. Now that I have the Pup-Head, I can leave for work in the mornings with the peace of mind that my floors and carpets are safe in case my little fuzzy one can't hold it.
You're now following Potty Training in your eBay feed.You'll receive email alerts for new listings. When you use Porta Potty Pros to rent a porta potty you will get lower prices, better customer service, on-time deliveries, and clean units. Find your nearest city and call one of the suppliers listed to get the best rates on any type of portable restroom. Most companies operate on a 28 day billing period, so if they are charging monthly be sure to ask whether you will be charged at the beginning of every month or every 28 days. You may also try putting your keyword in the search box above or click on one of the categories on the left.

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