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The toilet can be set up in a minute or less following the simple pictures right on the lid. The toilet is durable, made of triple wall corrugated board and engineered to hold 250 lbs. The kit contains the following: Potty Box, 10 toilet liners, 10oz of Blue Gel, biohazard bag pair of gloves and roll of toilet paper.
Whether you are a contractor requesting waste disposal and portable Johnny on the Spot® service or you are an event planner in need of traffic equipment and luxury restroom trailers, we have the service to fit your budget and event needs.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor events for disposal of solid waste and co-mingled recyclables. All our Johnny on the Spot units come standard with durable construction, stay-clean designs that are vandal resistant. Ideal for parking lots, construction and outdoor events for the direction of vehicles and foot traffic. Along with the liners is 12 oz of Blue Gel, toilet chemicals that will deodorize and gel liquid waste to avoid spilling.

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