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Get Portable Toilets At Discount: Passport Potty portable toilets are ideal for camping, hiking, marine applications, sick rooms or as an emergency back-up. Great Collections Of Portable Toilets: Combine effective foot flush flushing action with low maintenance restrooms from Satellite. Portable Environment Friendly Toilet: This ingenious, but relatively expensive potty folds up to the size of a briefcase and weighs 7 pounds. Browse For Portable Toilets: Larger toilet unit with sufficient space inside for wheelchair and helper. Find the Widest Range Of Portable Toilet Solutions: The Nice Equipment Company offers you the widest range of portable toilet solutions available.
Portable Toilet Products: United Site Services is the nation’s leading rental service of portable toilets of all types, from a basic portable toilet to deluxe styles suitable for elegant events.
Get Top Quality Supplies Of Portable Toilets: Portable Toilets limited takes a consultative approach to provide the best service when it comes to planning the infrastructure of a large event or site. Get Portable Toilets For Almost Any Occasion: Standard portable toilets for construction or long term sites, VIP portable restrooms for parties or weddings, Luxury portable bathroom trailers for special events, weddings or corporate functions, Portable waste management systems for sales trailers or construction field offices, Solid waste roll off dumpsters and compactors for bulk trash or recyclables, Non hazardous waste removal services. The PURPLE POTTY is CALLAHEAD's child size portable toilet that was designed especially for young children. The PURPLE POTTY has its very own hand washing sink so kids will be able to practice proper hygiene. CALLAHEAD's PURPLE POTTY has a toilet bowl which is easily accessible for even small children to reach because of a built-in step stool. The port a potties hand washing sink is easily reached using the installed step stool and is also very easy to use by just stepping down on the foot pump for hands free hand washing. The Purple Potty has an open cavity tank to eliminate the possibility of children clogging the toilet bowl if they use too much toilet paper. Below is a list of locations and jobsites where the PURPLE POTTY standard port a potty is most commonly rented and recommended for.  However, this children's portable toilet is an ideal rental for any special event where children will be present.
The height of this child size portable toilet is 77" where most standard sized porta potties are over 90" in height. The PURPLE POTTY is the perfect portable toilet to rent for a child's birthday party, weddings, communions, baptisms, school functions, graduation parties, sporting events, park locations, beach locations, family reunions, family barbeques, or any event where young children will be in attendance. Additional accessories that come standard with the PURPLE POTTY child size portable toilet rental include, CALLAHEAD's HEADLINERS toilet seat covers for kids to have extra sanitary protection so they always have a clean dry toilet seat.
And try to make your kid use the disgusting, smelly, dank-and-poopy, adult-sized porta-potties provided by the county. The Purple Potty, as named by Callahead, was designed by some playful mad genius who thought of it all.
Yet with all the wonderful features these porta-potty geniuses provide in the Purple Potty, the most noticeable is held within its appearance: these tiny crappers are as purple as hell. The lucky winner will win fifty dollars, and both the winner the runner-up will receive a tee-shirt sporting their own designs. I am a native east coastie living as a west coast hippie, soaking up the Pacific Northwest rain with two kids and a multitude of pets.
This makes me think of the old pit toilets they had at Yokota AB, Japan in the area where we had picnics and carnivals. The floors were made of such flimsy material that when you entered one of these comfort stations it would creak and sag several inches.

CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. The foldable toilet actually compacts down to a total of five inches in height, making it incredibly easy to take with you wherever you need it.
Made by Reliance the toilet is constructed of sturdy plastic that is both light weight and designed tough enough to take up to a 300 pound weight capacity. Great as a camping toilet, home remodel, RVing, or for emergency purposes the portable camping toilet by Reliance has everything you need to take care of your business. This entry was posted in Camping Equipment, Portable Toilets and tagged bathroom, camping toilet, fold to go, portable toilet, portopotty, toilet. Youa€™ve probably rented a roll off dumpster from us and thata€™s great, but did you know we also offer portable toilet rentals in Phoenix? One of the many uses a portajohn has that most people dona€™t think about is offering quick sanitation for a large event.
Or perhaps youa€™re a contractor looking to start up a new project in Phoenixa€™s surroundings.
Contracting this type of service from a company that doesna€™t care about its clients or lacks the proper infrastructure to get things done right is only going to cause you a lot of stress and leak your funds. Moreover, wea€™ll provide you with advice on how many restrooms to rent and how to properly place them around your worksite for maximum efficiency. These portable toilets from the Passport Potty 200 Series are high-quality, injection molded products. One press of the pedal will convince you that this system has the power to clean itself after each use!
As these are Wheelchair accessible portable toilets so they have Wide door and no step for easy wheelchair access. Their branches in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg are ready to provide a solution to meet your requirements, from a standard construction unit to a top of the range luxury toilet trailer. They will provide you with valuable input from the word go to ensure that the hygiene side of your event or project is taken care of, leaving you to focus on other pressing matters. Tardis Environmental have been providing portable toilets for over the past decade up and down the UK, we understand the needs of our customers and strive to meet their demands. All children at your special event are sure to feel special when they see they have their very own portapotty to use when they have to use the bathroom. Parents will be especially grateful to see the PURPLE POTTY kids' portable toilet designated for their children's bathroom use only. The EZ clean polyethylene construction won't absorb any odor and the portable toilet's installed molded air vents will increase circulation to release odors quickly. Our HEADMIST automatic time released air freshener was installed to eliminate odors from other users. The toilet folds down to a compact size that makes it ideal for taking with you on your camping or hunting trip, or for stowing it away in an RV. This toilet seat even has folding legs in case you were wondering to help get to its small folded size. The port-o-potty can accept regular trash bags for waste, or you can use their Double Doodie toilet bags for no mess cleanup. Therea€™s a pretty high chance you are here because you are dealing with some kind of construction work job, so why not offer your employees the comfort they deserve?

Leta€™s assume youa€™re throwing a huge family reunion - or perhaps an engagement party or barbeque - and the location is the yard of your own home! Whether or not the location is a remote one therea€™s no question to the fact that youa€™re going to need some temporary sanitation.
Here at Dumpster Rental Phoenix wea€™ve been handling these things for many years, so we know how to make your work easier. If your business doesna€™t have proper toilet facilities on its premises, youa€™ll finally be able to meet your employeesa€™ requests once you call our number.
Small children will not be intimidated by this mini portable toilet like they can be with standard sized porta potties. Its bright purple color along with florescent colored child sized hand and foot prints make the PURPLE POTTY appealing to every child at your event. The PURPLE POTTY kid's porta potty has a white translucent roof to allow for plenty natural light inside the portable toilet, even when the door is shut completely. And that also means we don't come to PR to be used as objects by voyeurs, or use others as objects.
A privacy tent is designed to enclose the toilet and is a good idea if you will not be in a remote location. A clean and tidy worksite is crucial for your projecta€™s success, so please keep reading if you care how things are going to turn out in the end. How do you think ita€™s going to be like to see someone running up and down the stairs every five minutes? Treat your workers right - after all, theya€™re your most valuable resource - and theya€™ll perform much better knowing you took the time to set up the right working conditions. We know the business like the back of our hands, our service is constant and our toilets are the best and cleanest youa€™ll find. Finally, we have installed interior rope lighting for extra special lighting for youngsters to enjoy!
This rule doesna€™t apply just for construction jobs - if youa€™re managing a project where people have to stay outdoors for long periods of time youa€™re always better off contracting Phoenix portable toilet rentals.
We explore, even meditate upon the human condition from the vantage point of pooping and poop. In fact, read below as wea€™re about to give you some valuable information based on what wea€™ve learned in years of providing quality Phoenix porta potty rentals. Save yourself heaps of trouble by calling us and requesting a porta potty rental in the Phoenix area. Just imagine how surprised everyonea€™s going to be when they see you took the time to think and made an investment for their comfort!
There is a separate urinal that will help keep the PURPLE POTTY portable toilet cleaner too.

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