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What better way to kick off things off than with something that has haunted me for ages: Potted Meat. Lemmonex snarks about food, life, and all her self-defeating decisions almost daily on her blog, Culinary Couture. Uhhhhhhh… mechanically separated chicken is something that no one should be subjected to. After a long night of drinking, reading that may have made me want to vom (but in a good way).
I lived on a small island in the Pacific for 2 years and we ate a lot of this kind of stuff. I don’t hold any brief for the Armour product, which sounds horrible, but potted meat has been a staple in the UK and many parts of the Commonwealth for years. I stayed at a B&B in Scotland in 2001, and as part of the afternoon snack, I was offered her homemade potted meat on toast points.
The Armour product described sounds typical of the worst practices of giant American food companies – take a good, simple food, and make it horrid. I was eating a potted meat sandwich as I read this xD I grew up with it as many poor kids and families have. I was a teenager before I had my first taste of shrimp, high school before my first stake, and it was many long years after that before I ate at some of America’s finer eateries. Pan potted meat if you wish, but I’d rather eat a case of that than one can of caviar. So just remember, that great juice drink, or wonderful tuna stake you may savor might just taste like s*** to someone else.
? Expand potted meat My father’s idea of a shore lunch was a can of Armour Vienna Sausage, which was kept in the Styrofoam ice chest that later would be used to transport home any fish we caught. When I began working with fishing guides, I soon learned they often had their own ideas of what made a suitable shore lunch, which more often than not turned out to be dressed-up versions of my father’s Vienna sausage and potted meat offerings. A few years ago, following the publication of a story about the striped bass run up Virginia’s Roanoke River that I’d somehow managed to place in a national publication, I received a call from a guide extolling Lake Cumberland’s striped bass fishery, which, in his opinion, was as good as anything on the East Coast. My guide turned out to be a young seasonal worker hoping to make a few extra bucks hauling fishermen around the lake in a rented boat.
Following a fishless morning trolling for stripers in a cold drizzle, I was just about to suggest that we head to the dock where I knew hot coffee would be available when he pulled into a cove and tied off next to a bluff bank that offered some, but not much, protection from the rain. I declined the cream soda but accepted a bottle of water and, using the filet knife from my tackle pack, whacked off a chunk of the home-ground sausage and slapped it between two crackers. Not long after this, I found myself on Arkansas’ White River in the company of three friends from church and in the capable hands of Lonnie, our guide. The menu included freshly caught trout (skinned and rolled in cornmeal), potatoes (cubed) and onions (chopped), all skillet fried, and some type of cobbler (already prepared but heated over the fire).

I don’t recall my father ever eating from the chilled cans of mystery meats he carried in the Styrofoam ice chest, but they were in no way any type of retribution for the irritation my brother and I must have inflicted. Greece Jerky Club of the Month Review - Monthly Jerky Cheat Meal Hacks: Pizza, Which slice is right? The thing is, there is an alarming amount of things out there, in the aisles of the grocery store, that I look at and think, “That is a food?
I was surprised how easily it slurped out of the can, yet the remnants held the shape of the tine marks from the fork I used to scrape the can. I pride myself on having a fairly strong constitution and I had to give myself an internal pep talk in order to swallow a second bite. The combination of the potent smell, funky texture and putrid taste is enough to make even the strongest individual cry. If you can stomach more bologna I suggest Olive Loaf: low quality scraps of meat ground together with olives suspended within the substance. It tasted quite like a pate, though not so rich and fatty (she didn’t use liver), and the aspic added an interesting texture. A nice piece of battered and deep fried fish has been enjoyed for centuries in the UK, and for many years on both US coasts, along the Great Lakes, the Mississippi, and more. Then they took out the partially de-fatted fatty tissue (pork) and replaced it with mechanically separated chicken. My taste for potted meat has nothing to do with being poor, it has all to do with respect for food.
Many remind me of the students in school many years ago who stuck up their noses at our school lunches (back in the 60’s our school made all the lunches from scratch), throwing most of the food away. It wasn’t until the seventies that Mexican, Chinese, and other such foods became popular in the US. It appears there are a lot of well to do high rollers getting cancers and other uglies in this day and age, and I’m sure they not consuming those terrible salty cans of potted meat. Since the stuff was kept on ice, the packing juices often would congeal into goo with the consistency of axle grease.
This was usually served smeared onto slightly soggy saltine crackers—soggy since they, too, had been kept on ice. I generally agreed with him but didn’t bother to try to explain that the two fisheries are as different as daylight and dark, and his comparison was an unfair one. His knowledge of striper fishing turned out to be somewhat limited, but he was friendly, cheerful and optimistic.
To the potatoes and onions, Lonnie added generous amounts of salt and pepper, and then showered the frying pan with cayenne pepper. He just wasn’t at his best in the kitchen, and the canned Vienna sausages and potted meats were fast, easy and efficient at quieting whiney children while he fished.

The goo had slightly grainy texture, almost as if you pulled out the insides of a hot dog, soaked it in water for about a week, and then ground it up. Meat (mainly ham) was preserved for the winter by layering it in a crock (pot) with alternating layers of meat and lard, then putting it down in the ol root cellar for the winter. Typically, the meats were ground into a puree, put into the pot, and then topped with aspic (a type of bland gelatin). I like mine on white bread with miracle whip =] I got my husband eating it, he loves it too, now.
Those were usually the same people who hated Spam, but never tossed out greasy fat filled donuts or hesitated to down a half dozen beers. It took a long time for Americans’ taste buds to accept these foods, and it was mainly because of the thought of eating it, not the taste. It was a corn-oil laden feast that, combined with the warm, midday sunshine and the rhythm of the river, soon produced food-induced comas among most of the fishing party.
I will be here every Wednesday sacrificing my taste buds and digestive tract for your reading enjoyment.
Also, if you are any thing like this girl, you will be treated with a severely upset stomach. The aspic would flow throughout the mixture, and then coat the surface, protecting it from bacteria.
So out with the blenders, and in with the pre-mix which contains enough thickeners that it requires the sucking power of a $5 hooker to get it through the straw. Tough, gluey crusts on both ends, filled with tasteless, mushy apples and enough sugar to make your dentist happy. You also have to balance the saltiness with something or else your mouth will be overwhelmed by it. I had to eat a pickle and then, ten minutes later, a spoonful of peanut butter, in order to kill the toxic tingle that remained on my tongue. There’s also a lot of fat and cholesterol so eating it straight from the can is out of the question. Using it in recipes where the salt, fat and cholesterol get thinned out by the other ingredients is best.

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