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The Volvo Ailsa was developed as an answer to the engineering problems that were caused by rear-engined buses.
London Transport obtained second hand examples after buying three models, including V3 the double-door double-staircase bus, for evaluation.
All pictures are part of the JMVAA collection and may not be reproduced without permission.
The Trafford Centre is one of Europe's largest indoor shopping centres and, together with the Chill Factore indoor snow centre, is located a short drive from Manchester city centre. There are many bars at The Trafford Centre with the incredible multi-million pound Great Hall area the centre of attention for drinkers.
With its elegant staircase, metres of marble and an enormous chandelier it looks fabulous and makes drinking in the Trafford Centre a totally separate experience from the shopping. Buses drive to the Trafford Centre from Manchester city centre (Piccadilly Gardens) every 15 mins (more frequently on Saturdays). Whilst trams run to Stretford metrolink station (on the Altrincham line) where a shuttle bus will meet you and take you directly to the Trafford Centre. Outdoor kitchens may seem a bit incongruous in the UK but if you take a few precautions against the weather, a kitchen outside on a sunny day provides a focussed and convenient spot to cook and entertain in one dedicated space without having to go in and out from the house kitchen.

As you would expect from us, we only use the highest quality fixtures and fittings, high-end fitted BBQa€™s and grills and maintenance free stone surfaces. If you are worried about the weather, we can install the whole kitchen under an open-sided timber-framed structure making cooking and eating a comfortable, stress-free experience. At the core of the kitchen, the wood-fired oven will cook everything from a pizza or roast to bread and fine patisserie. They are incredibly well made, adaptable, trouble free and like our ovens, will last a lifetime if well maintained.
For a more low tech approach, we can build Kadai firebowls and Robata grill into the work surface so you can have the benefit of charcoal cooking with all the flavours it can bring out when combined with a simple marinade. With sinks, butchers block cutting boards and a wide range of accessories, we can design and build pretty well anything to coordinate with your garden scheme- contact us for more details.
Robata grill - a simple and elegant way to cook with charcoal that gives a smoke free flavour. The engine sits between the drivers cab and the door, which has three leaves to allow clearance for the engine compartment. In honour of her confidently pointing out an Ailsa, when we were on a trip to Glasgow, much to her dismay!!

We have designed and built these spaces for a couple of years now and the feedback is always positive!
For the commercial outlet such as a beach bar or pub garden, we use the same high quality products but arrange them differently so access to customers can be up to 360A° with plenty of counter space.
Meat and Fish are cooked to perfection with the radiant heat coming from all directions whilst slow cooked stews benefit from the constant even temperatures. Available either freestanding or as optional slide-in or drop-in models, the range makes the outdoor kitchen incredibly adaptable to differing cooking styles. This japanese style of cooking allows skewered food to be arranged around stacked charcoal and adjusted by simply moving the skewers in or away from the heat source.
If we install a dedicated BBQ or grill, we nearly always specify a Firemagic appliance from their extensive range of stainless steel products.

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