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Potters is the largest producer worldwide of highway safety marking glass beads, metal finishing beads for cleaning and strengthening metals, glass media for grinding and dispersing, glass microspheres for friction and weight reduction in oil drilling applications and metal-coated particles to provide electromagnetic shielding interference of electronic parts. PQ Corporation is a leading worldwide producer of specialty inorganic performance chemicals and catalysts.
Zeolyst International is a leading producer of zeolite-based catalysts and adsorbents serving the refinery, petrochemical, fine chemical, environmental, and separation markets. Potters Industries Inc., a leading manufacturer of engineered glass materials for the highway safety, polymer additive, metal finishing and conductive particle markets, has leveraged its highway-safety expertise and global network of offices to create a new pavement-marking management division.

The division owns a diverse range of retroreflection measurement equipment to respond quickly and effectively to pavement-marking evaluation requests. The Laserlux CEN 30 mobile retroreflectometer provides measurement repeatability within a tolerance of 10%, as measured under supervised testing by the FHWA. RETROTECH will provide technical-service solutions for the pavement-marking industry on a localized level. The system enables RETROTECH to perform such applications as implementing pavement standards, planning re-striping strategies, measuring performance of different materials-application methods, holding contractors accountable and establishing a pavement-marking management database.

Services include pavement-marking installation assistance, inspection and performance audits.
The system features industry-standard 30-meter geometry and automated, real-time measurement capability.

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