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5 Easy Updates For Summer Personalize your space with must-have updates for relaxed indoor and outdoor living.
Our Stores From local events to free design services, learn what's happening in our stores. If you notice I also put my stairs on the right side of the bed rather than the left side because it worked better for the layout of my room.
I purchased some 11” – 18” tension rods from Bed, Bath and Beyond and made some curtains.  I sewed a casing in the top and bottom so they can be pushed opened and closed and provide less light than if they were free flowing at the bottom.
Kayla normally hangs her clothes for the next day on it, which helps our morning routine go a bit faster. I will show you the full reveal of the room next but here are some other projects from her room. We made loft and bunk beds for our kids so I completely understand about the headache of making the top bed. I screwed them from the back of the bed toward the front of the bed, so they wouldn’t be seen from the front, and then I painted over them so they would blend in. This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service. POTTERY BARN LIKE US ON FACEBOOK OUTDOOR SAVINGS SAVE 15% on the entire Chesapeake Outdoor Furniture Collection, in stores and online, while supplies last.
Please Note: This site is in NO way affiliated with any of the companies whose email offers are posted.
A bright, lemony yellow and hot pink bring a fresh, vivid contrast to this energetic bedroom.
The Shell Oil Company (Royal Dutch Shell) is an international oil production company, and one of the largest oil and gas producer in the US. This section takes a look at the Shell Drive for Five and the Shell Select Member Card personal credit cards, which are both offered on behalf of Citibank. Shell Drive for Five Card a€“ The main offer for this card is the 5 cents per gallon offer, which applies when you purchase at least 45 gallons of Shell fuel each month, giving you 5 cents back up to a monthly maximum of 100 gallons. If you dona€™t want to pay interest on your purchase balance then the grace period for paying off your balance in full is 25 days. The Shell online account service lets you manage all aspects of your credit account, including seeing your bills, updating your personal information and making credit card payments.
Phillips 66 is a petroleum and gas liquid production company that recently began trading on the Stock Exchange.
Phillips 66 offer a personal card and a business fleet card, both offered through Citibank.
Phillips 66 Personal Card a€“ This card offers a five cent saving for every gallon your purchase on fuel from Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 (you must purchase at least 45 gallons per month for the savings to apply, and savings stop after 110 gallons have been reached in a month). Phillips 66 Fleet Card a€“ If you own a fleet then this card can offer you volume rebates up to 5 cents per gallon, plus around the clock business customer service and business-wise monthly reports. Phillips 66 also offer a Universal Credit Card which allows you to use the card at 90% of all US gas and fuel locations, and a Commercial Credit Card which makes expenditure management for your business easy. Sunoco Inc (formerly Sun Company) is one of the biggest petroleum distributors in the US, with thousands of gas stations across the US selling four gasoline grades, namely regular, plus, premium and ultra93. If you are looking to make more out of your gasoline purchases then the Sunoco Rewards Credit Card is a good card to make savings, plus being a good all-round credit card. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for this card is 23.0%, which may change according to the Prime Rate. If you are a frequent purchaser of Goodyear tires and vehicle services, then the Goodyear credit card is definitely worth considering. The main incentives for this card are the savings you get when purchasing Goodyear products and services. Given the fact that this card can only be used at Goodyear locations, and that savings only apply when you make big purchases, this card is most ideally suited for those who are loyal to Goodyear and make frequent tire purchases.
The normal Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on purchases is 28.99%, which will change in accordance with the Prime Rate. The online service lets you manage your credit account, see your recent activity and pay your credit card bills.
This credit card can be used to help your money go further when you pay for scheduled vehicle maintenance and repair work. This card is also a good general credit card since it offers a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers and purchases for either 12 or 15 months.
Capital one will has taking over HSBC credit card unit as the provider of the GM credit card. Ford offer a range of credit services to give customers a flexible range of payment options for Ford cars and Ford services, and the Ford Service Credit Card makes it simple to pay for Ford services and maintenance.
This card is a great option for those who plan on purchasing from Ford automotive services, for example buying spare parts, accessories, tires, service plans and so on. Ford Credit offers a credit account manager, which you can use to manage your credit card and make bill payments.
The Pottery Barn Credit Card is a store card which offers you a point for every dollar you spend at Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids and PBteen. If you are planning a big spend, then the Pottery Barn Credit Card gives you the choice between two options, which applies when you make a spend of $750 or over. The two main options for paying your Pottery Barn credit card bill are by either going to your nearest store and paying at the customer service desk, or by registering for the online account service. The Saks Fifth Avenue Credit Card program is a little complicated at first, but easy to understand once you get to know it. The normal store card that they offer gives you spending convenience, special offers and a 10% reduction from your first purchase made with the card. Saks give you the choice to upgrade from the Saks First store card, to either the Saks World Elite MasterCard or the SAKS Platinum MasterCard.
The Stage Store Credit Card gives you access to a range of benefits that you can take advantage of to give you more spending power at Stage Stores.
The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for purchases is 24.99%, which may vary depending on the Prime Rate.
The Stage Store Credit Card lets you pay in many ways.A The online account center gives you the most flexibility with regards to payments. However, I did not frame the windows the same.  I much preferred just a basic rectangle frame rather than the angle. This is definitely something you want to think about before assembly.  In order to do this, when you get to step 3 just reverse the layout of that side.
The top sheet – make a fitted top sheet (make box corners at one end just like the fitted bottom sheet has). I am huge fan of Ana White ( I thought of her as I stumbled upon this post), even though I have never built anything.

I always stumble upon your blog when I’m looking for a new idea, today was no exception!
You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more. A polka-dot accent on the lampshade, a pattern of squares on the dhurrie rug and the paisleys of the duvet cover create a continuity of small motifs in the room. If you need any information on the Shell Credit Card to help decide whether you want to apply for it, please read on. There are thousands of Shell gas stations in the US, and like many other petroleum providers Shell offers a range of personal and business credit cards to help frequent buyers make good savings and use exclusive rewards.
Both of these cards offer Citibank features, including $0 liability for unauthorized charges, ATM access for cash, and convenient payment options.
A full page of Shell credit cards including business cards can be found on the company website. This review outlines this credit card and its features, what to expect, along with the terms and conditions. With over 80 years in the industry, they specialize in providing high quality gas which helps to increase vehicle efficiency and performance. The more you spend on fuel the more you save a€“ for example, you can get a rebate of 2 cents per gallon for 500-2,499 gallons used, or 5 cents per gallon for over 10,000 gallons used. This review gives you a guide on the Sunoco company, the Sunoco Rewards Credit Card to help you make up your mind.
There are many credit cards available from petroleum companies, and Sunoco is no exception. The main incentive for this card is the money off scheme applied to all gasoline purchases made at Sunoco gas stations, of which there are currently over 4,800 across the United States. The simplest method is to set up Account Online, which lets you check your balance, make payments, manage your account, arrange a credit increase and go paperless. Goodyear is one of the most well-known tire manufacturers in the world, with the prestige of the company naming itself after Charles Goodyear – the inventor of vulcanized rubber. This credit card gives you access to exclusive money saving offers and promotional rebates during selected periods at over 4500 locations across the US.
When you make a big spend, for example $200-$1000, then you can expect to receive a percentage of the amount back (known as a rebate). One of the major benefits of this card is the 0% interest you pay on purchases over $249, which lasts for 6 months. If you are planning on purchasing a new GM vehicle in the future, then this carda€™s benefits will help you get good discounts for when you make the splash.
This will mean that online account services will need to be done through capital one and not HSBC. For consumers looking to make a Ford purchase, obtaining a line of Credit with Ford Credit not only gives you a good range of spending options, but a close connection with the Ford Motor Brand, and thus a range of credit programs that are more attractive and offer more incentives than using other lines of credit. With this credit card, you can pay no interest over 6 months on purchases of $199 or over, or no interest over 12 months on purchases of $499 or over. You can pay over the phone or set up an advance payment from another account through JPMorgan Chase. Pottery Barn was established in Manhattan in 1949 with the vision of providing the best in home furnishings, furniture and all things home.
Once you have built up 250 points (which is $250 spent), you will then receive a $25 gift card to use in the Pottery Barn stores. If you want to pay by credit, then you can choose the no interest option, which gives you 12 months interest free on your purchase made with the store card. Once you have signed up for an online account, you can update your details, monitor your spending and pay your bills. The real benefits come however when you reach SAKSFIRST status, which happens when you spend at least $1,000 annually. The MasterCard provides you automatic access to the SAKSFIRST program, and gives you additional points for other purchases made outside of Saks Fifth Avenue.
With it you can opt to not receive paper statements in the post, make single payments from an account of your choice, and set up automatic monthly or advance payments.
Stage Stores are a large US clothing retailer, based in Houston Texas, and with over 600 stores located across the Midwest, Southern and Mid-Atlantic States. When you apply for a card, you get a 10% discount off of your first purchase and 250 bonus VIP points. So, I did some digging and I discovered a great site that focuses on how to create your own name brand decor! If you decide to go that route I would measure and cut the trim after the bed sides are put together. My 3 girls wanted to be in 1 room and so that’s been a whole fun adventure figuring out how to fit 3 beds in there. I think I would spend as much money as the Pottery Barn Bed on the required tools to build this though! For those who spend enough on Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 fuels, the credit cards offered by Phillips 66 can help you save money. This card is accepted at more than 3,000 Phillips 66 retail locations, and many more 76 and Conoco locations. The company makes tires for all kinds of vehicles, and they are the most successful Formula One tire supplier in history. Firestone is a US based tire and rubber company, offering rubber products for a range of different vehicles.
The easiest way to manage your credit account is with the Firestone online account service.
With factories and products all over the world, GM includes many household name subsidiaries and divisions, including Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Cadillac. When you use this card on general purchases such as groceries, gas, entertainment or household bills, you will receive 5% in earnings which can be redeemed for when you purchase a new GM vehicle. The Ford Service Credit Card is there to make Ford servicing more affordable, to give you more financial flexibility, and to provide extra benefits that you would not get at standard servicers.
No interest is applied to the balance if you make a minimum payment each month, which will be specified once you have made the purchase. You can also pay by MoneyGram, either at a MoneyGram location or by calling 1-800-926-9400. With an in-house team of designers, few other homeware stores can boast the same level of quality and originality, and this has ensured the continual success and popularity of Pottery Barn with the home-conscious consumer.
If you do not pay back the amount in full within 12 months, then the purchase rate becomes 19%. When you pay a bill you can arrange for an instant transfer, schedule a future date for a payment, or set up a regular payment scheme.

While their Manhattan branch is most well-known, the company has 46 stores in total across the US, and now they are focusing on luxury markets in other countries such as Mexico and Saudi Arabia. Once you reach this status, your store card becomes a points card, and will award you 2, 3, 4 or 6 points per dollar spent, depending on whether you are at premier, elite, platinum or diamond status.
The two MasterCard variants offered by Saks Fifth Avenue offer slightly different perks, with World Elite offering better travel benefits. You can also manage your credit account, update information, track your payment history and so on.
Their mission is to bring the best of new and emerging trends and fashions at reasonable prices to small and medium sized towns across the US, with a league of top name brands. The VIP point scheme provides you with points for your purchases, which you can build up to achieve discounts and savings over time.
Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of any credit card issuer, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any credit card issuer. This is the only significant reward for this card, though this simple saving can be racked up if you stay loyal to the Sunoco brand. Goodyear also provides auto maintenance and tire care services, and if you are a frequent Goodyear spender, then the Goodyear Credit Card might have the incentives you need.
The company was founded in 1990, in a response to the need for an independent tire manufacturer and supplier to fill the market, and the company capitalized on the huge potential for making tires for commercial automobiles. Please be aware that you will have to pay minimum payments to receive zero interest over the 6 month period.
Once you have your Firestone credit card, you register your card details for the online service.
It faced troubles at the start of the recent economic crisis, though the organization is now back on form and making profits. To redeem your percentage earnings, simply visit your local GM dealership and ask which vehicles are eligible for discounts on this scheme. This article provides an overview of the Ford Service Credit Card, rates and percentages, and a guide to handling your account and making payments at the bottom. The annual percentage rate of this card will depend on your credit worthiness, though in general it will be around 25%.
Pottery Barn offers a store credit card for US customers with a range of attractive benefits. Or, you can simply stay with the points scheme instead (for all times you pay under $750 points are always given).
They offer the best in mensa€™ and womensa€™ luxury and designer products, including apparel, shoes, beauty & fragrance, homeware and accessories. As a cardholder you also get exclusive access to 12 savings events per year and advance notification of these events, and you get the chance to earn double and triple VIP points at similar events. No annual fee, cash advance fee is the greater of $10 or 5% of amount, and late penalty and returned payment fees are up to $35.
This card allows you to pay at the pump conveniently, and decide between a range of flexible payment options. This article takes a look at the Goodyear Credit Card, its offers, terms and conditions, and a guide to making Goodyear Credit Card payments at the end of the article. Firestone is now a multinational organization and a big player in consumer tires, building products, fibers, textiles and car maintenance services.
This card also comes with no annual fee, acceptance at over 1600 Firestone stores, and access to your complete service and warranty history from these stores. With the online account you can view your statements, go paperless, make online payments, arrange for a credit increase and more. The GM Credit Card is now available, and as a card holder you can make your vehicle financing even better. Customers using this card can gain price reductions of hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on how much the card was used. There is also a payment address on your credit statement that you receive in the post which you can mail payments to. Please read on for information about the Pottery Barn Credit Card, its terms and conditions, and how to make payments for the credit account. If you dona€™t want to pay interest then you must pay off your balance in full within 25 days after the last billing cycle.
Pottery Barn also provide over the phone and mail payment options, though you must set up an online account to be given these details. Saks offer credit options which can help to increase consumer spending power, and this article takes a look at what Saks Fifth Avenue has to offer, alongside terms and conditions and how to make credit card payments. If you reach 750 points in a year then you achieve bronze status, 1000 points silver status, and 1500 points gold status. The grace period for paying your credit balance in full and receiving no interest is 25 days after the previous billing cycle. I noticed on the plans it said to screw them together every 6 to 8 inches but I don’t see any visible screws.
The credit card is issued by Citibank, and this means you get $0 on any fraudulent purchases not made by yourself, plus Citia€™s helpful identify theft solutions to protect against identity theft.
If you do not want to pay interest on purchases, then you must settle the entire balance within the due date, which is 25 days after the end of the last billing cycle.
The Firestone complete auto care credit card gives convenience and spending power for Firestone vehicle maintenance, and this article shall take a look at the card, its terms and conditions, and how to make Firestone Credit Card payments. You will not be charged interest if you pay off your balance completely within 23 days of your next bill. You can make single payments from a valid checking account or other credit card, schedule a future payment or arrange automatic periodic payments. Please read on to find out how this card can benefit you, what terms and percentages apply, and how to make GM Credit Card Payments and handle your account. The Stage credit card provides the customer with lots of unique benefits, and this article covers what those benefits are, including terms and conditions and a guide to making credit card payments. Each status gives you extra rewards, for example free gift wrap, holiday shopping events, and further VIP only savings events.
Sunoco also offer a MasterCard and Platinum MasterCard, which are both well worth checking out.

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