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Instead, we've created an imagined treasure hunt for those of you attending Coachella this weekend and the next. Don't believe what they say about how much they love Wu Tang, these people are here to worka€¦ network that is. A few years ago these guys would keep their shirtless ripped bodies at raves or frat houses. Now they're at every festival, front row, singing along to YOUR song that they just learned last month when Skrillex remixed it.
They'll be the ones in the braided headbands, loose fitting cotton tank tops with the sides cut out so you can see their lace bralette, and flowy skirts. Everyone is going to pull out their phones to record it -- because they'll think it's the most epic thing to happen at Coachella since Tupac's hologram (it's not) -- and every single recording will be so shaky and obnoxious it won't be worth the million views it'll get. Although they may look beautiful on their own, you'll soon think you ate a bad batch of shrooms because everywhere you look will be another Brandy girl in an L.A. But are those enough reasons to deal with the travel, the lodging, the toilets, the people (good and bad), the food, and the price?

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