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In our Garden Shoppe, you will be amazed by the collection of native shrubs, herbs, perennials and garden accessories that we have for sale. Great dish, so much colour and contrasting textures with the crispness of the tofu and fried eggs and the juicy cherry tomatoes. I think the pandan chiffon cake is underrated too, and there must be a reason Dan chose this for the MasterChef elimination challenge on Monday, although the other desserts are fabulous too. I was a bit disheartened after a necessary 30 minute wait on a Monday night… but your post has re-motivated me The seafood looks particularly good, and sure will remember to leave space for dessert. Been desperate to get here and when I saw Dan Hong on masterchef I knew that I’d have to delay even longer. The Gap Deli is a stone’s throw away from the Blue Ridge Parkway and is worth the drive even if you don’t drive any further. Enjoy our spacious renovated antique gallery on your next trip to Fancy Gap, VA and the Blue Ridge Mountains. We are proud to feature local artisan’s wares from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and American made products.
A slew of younger chefs are opening up restaurants and cooking food which is in their comfort zones but at the same time stretching the boundaries of contemporary cuisine. Everyone was excited about Dan Hong’s next project following the success of Lotus, this time partnering up with Jowett Yu. My memory might be a bit hazy when it comes to describing the dishes and the menu might’ve even changed since our visit.
Its a nice and quirky touch, definitely gets people talking and for us, brings back memories of university at UTS where we use to frequent Easyway at least once a day.

I’m use to my $3 fix at Cabramatta every few weeks so these were a little hard to swallow. At least here, they go beyond the food court attempts with a yuzu aioli and various herbs such as coriander and Vietnamese mint (I think).
The combination of textures and flavour was flawless, the only thing missing was washing this down with a hot cup of coffee. When we look around we see a lot of people order Stoner’s Delights but not much love for this chiffon cake. We’ve seen Duke Bistro, The Norfolk Hotel and Do the Dip amongst others try to do something unique which I think is great for Sydney diners who want a bit of change. Its quite easy to rack up an expensive bill here and still walk away with room in your stomach for more food.
I failed at being a Gwai Lo and didn’t order the prawn toast so need to rectify that. You will not feel weary here and im sure every food that they serve here is in very artistic fashion. And I agree the pandan dessert was delicious – all the textures and different temperatures, yummm!! Every item is made in-house, from the ketchup to the piping hot bowls of pintos and chow chow, served daily with a side of cornbread.
We carry a large selection of period furniture, including walnut, cherry, mahogany and oak.
This charming cafe features a variety of fantastic salads and unique sandwiches named for landmarks in our area.

You have places which are churning out restaurant quality hot dogs and fried chicken, food which you would find on a corner takeaway shop sitting in a bain maree. However, just enjoy looking at the photos taken by Minh and get a feel of what Ms G’s is capable of churning out. I’m not sure what it is, but this corn has a unique flavour which is quite addictive.
The lemongrass and tomato salsa give strong flavours but the peanuts give it a a great crunch. Its actually a fantastic dessert, reminds me of the desserts I had in Hong Kong which do the whole tapioca pearls and coconut thing very well.
Browse our selection of clocks, china, pottery and glassware before taking a trip through our NEW Garden & Gift Shop.
Its everything a pork roll should be, a generous slab of meat and pate mixed with pickles, what I assume is sriracha mayo, cucumber and coriander. Diners seem to have divided opinions on this, but get there early enough and you’ll have less hassles. Linda liked this dish so much she tried making it at home (but failed haha!), check it out here.

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