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Well right around the age of 2, your peers and mom-mates will taunt and tantalize you about their hopes and dreams, triumphs and hurdles, models and methods and everything there is to know about the miracle that is–their child being potty trained.
I’m all for peer pressure in a positive light and a larger societal experiment to save the earth (insert: rid another home of diaper waste), and using my own 2-year old as a guinea pig seemed easy peasy lemon squeezy (yeah OR yeah right)!!
Her words of wisdom ensure, and in my opinion, foolishly promise, that your child can fit her model no matter the magnitude of your tota€™s interest in bidding their cherished diapers adieu. Well, just like an education or a suit, there is not one school or pair that fits all and in my case, the three-day was not only a bust, but instead an anti-potty campaign that has shed some light on our sh***y diaper situation.
Thank you for experimenting with this since I was considering it, but also felt somewhat foolish.

Growing up as one of seven siblings, the only peace and quiet Amy Dixon ever got was inside the pages of a book. Now, if you are like many of us (including myself) all of these odes of potty quite frankly make you want to gag in that very same potty! So I began 3-day potty boot camp, aka 3-day potty training, by ebook queen-mom-author, Lora Jensen. That is, a website or a mom cannot know the suit youa€™re wearing or shoes you fill – instead we moms and dads need to go with our gut and not tap our Macs so easily for quick fixes or one trick ponies! I taught for 8 plus years in an amazing public school in Greenwich Village where I taught various grades K-3.

Currently, Ia€™m raising my 2-year old daughter (with help from my hands-on husband) in Tribeca while writing and also managing my own tutoring company named SmartiePants!

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