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The White Potty Chair by Potty Patty will make potty training your toddler girl easier for you and her! The Dora 3 in 1 Potty Trainer comes with stickers so your child can really make it her own Dora potty!Dora the Explorer Potty Chair - 3 in 1 Benefits: Multi Functional Potty with 3 different functions: potty chair, potty seat and step stool all in one!
Get your stickers, rhinestones, markers and whatever other craft supplies you have and make this white potty chair by potty patty really your little girls. Personalized potty chairs are becoming increasing popular because by adding their names, kids feel more like that potty chair is their own and are more likely to go potty. This potty chair for girls has a high, built in slash guard, high backrest, and made of durable, PVC-free recyclable plastic! Get her involved, the more special you make it for her, the more special and important she will think it is.
Potty Seat for round or elongated seat, this Cars potty seat is detachable and easy to clean.

Dora is her idol and, although it cost me a fair bit to get to Australia, the potty has produced the desired results - what a relief! I still have both but have had my husband pull out the sensors as it sometimes works and sometimes not.
She loves to go potty again, even likes to poop it in the real toilet and flush, and also uses it to stand on. The only con is it does slide on our hardwood floors (she's 25 lbs) so I've asked my husband to put some backing on it. Perfect!
However, the musical wetness sensor stopped working in about 4 weeks, which defeated the whole point of getting this potty. Also, it is pretty big and there isn't a basin that lifts out to clean out the poo so you have to take the whole thing to the toilet and rinse it out. No grip on the bottom so it easily slides on a bathroom floor when my son tries to sit on it.

It is very very difficult to for a child sit on and get up from without help unless you completely remove your child's underwear. This is compounded by the fact that the potty scoots on the floor because of the lack of rubber grips. I have started putting toilet paper around the rim to help and it has helped some but still is in uncomfortable. The music sensor is right in the middle so little boys won't immediately 5 Stars - Potty Scotty (Jan 06, 2011) Reviewer: Barbara Hyatt I don't know how this works, but it does (no batteries). After having this one in her room for half an hour she immediately began to announce that she had to go and has learned within the 4 days that we have had it.

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