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PRIMO’s Folding Potty with Handles is a handy, folding toilet reducer for traveling away from home.
The potty opening is larger than the others, so I am hoping there will be fewer times that I have to clean the entire chair after use. The removable seat does fit the big toilet, so I don't have to purchase a second seat when he is ready to try the big toilet. Multi Functional Potty with 4 different functions: potty chair, potty seat, step stool and storage all in one! This potty chair has a 3 piece design, with removable seat to fit most standard toilets, and the base becomes a stool.
It can first be used as a chair, the you can fold the lid down and it can be a stool, and the seat is removable to be used on the adult size toilet. It also has a deep basin, which makes carrying the contents down the hall to the bathroom much less risky, especially since my daughter often insists on 'helping' with this process.
Find the Lifetime commercial quality contoured chairs you need along with a big selection of folding Great for long car trips or camping, it easily folds to briefcase size.
It comes with removable deflector shield for boys, a large bowl and with the push of a button Elmo talks to your child!

Poor craftsmanship if you ask me and not impressed at all for the price that is for sure ! My son loves this thing! Great Product (May 21, 2010) Reviewer: T Bostic I purchased this seat shortly before my 2 year old son started Daycare.
My son is fully potty trained now & he still uses this seat when he doesn't feel like going to the big toilet in the bathroom. I love that the potty has a removable seat that can go on the big potty, which my 5-year-old enjoyed using.
My daughter thrives on praise, and she couldn't wait to hear what the surprise message was when she got to 'flush' the potty. Vehra I bought this with the hope that my son would become interested in the potty because it had Elmo on it.
My 2-year-old son loved that the chair would sing him a song when he went potty - a great motivator. The pot is very easy for a little one to remove and carry, allowing for personal responsibility.
The seat is seamless to the toilet and stays put, so any over-spray makes it into the toilet no matter what, keeping my toilet a lot drier and cleaner!

Parents will love the versatility of an all-in-one and its ability to blend into the bathroomPotty Problem: Minus the stickers, you might want to look elsewhere if your child needs more rah-rah. The ability to use it as a stand-alone potty, a seat reducer, a stool or a travel potty offers lots of versatility for a pretty good price.
It was so much easier to allow him to climb up and down rather than pick him up and down the potty all day! This is the first stool I've found that's tall enough for my son to climb on and that supports his feet while he uses the grown-up potty.
My husband liked that he did not have to move the stool out of the way to use the toilet when standing (though I needed to move it when I used the toilet).

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