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Durable, flexible in that it's a self contained unit and you can remove the seat to put onto your own toilet later. Click on the image to get the full size, then print on sticker paper to make your own free potty training chart cars stickers!
The Riding Potty Chair for Boys by Potty Scotty can make potty training fun and enjoyable.Your child can sit on the potty chair pretending that he is riding. It also had a rolling ball & rattle for your toddler to play with while he sits on the potty chair trying to go potty! The potty chair itself is smooth and does not have any edges to pinch you toddler thighs.This potty chair is designed to be low to the ground to encourage the more natural squatting position for potty training.
If you child starts growing out of the potty because of long legs, the front part of the potty chair is removable and makes it more like a traditional one piece potty chair!

He loves the music when he goes to the toilet and it's a real incentive for him to actually stay seated long enough to go!
It is worth the extra money to purchase this potty than have to buy a separate potty and kid's toilet seat later.
Not only do I not have to worry about him missing the potty, but he actually like using it. My son is definitely not soft handed and this potty has withstood being stood on, dropped down stairs and having heavy toys smashed onto it. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review.
Well, the good news is although most people will tell you that your child should be potty trained by the age of 2, statistics say otherwise. He says it all hinges on the handle bars; if you want them to sit there for any length of time then they have to have something to do with their hands.

After searching, this is the only potty chair with handle bars that I could find and our son LOVES this chair (but it is the only one he knows).
Right now he's still too little to be actually potty trained, but for now he's comfortable sit 5 Stars - (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I tried using a "regular" potty chair and although it had a shield for little boys, if he wasn't on there just right the shield didn't help.
We bought it for our 3 year-old girl who is very strong-willed and refusing to potty train. The size of the chair would be better for an 18 month to 2 year-old or a child that is short (mine is right at the 50th percentile so she is not overly tall for her age). She did like the novel style and the design does seem to be helping her figure out how to actually make herself go potty.

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