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After a particularly strenuous workout today, I started thinking about my fitness levels and, although I’m not super fit, I’ve actually surprised myself by keeping up some sort of regular exercise regime for the past couple of years. Funny that I’ve caught the fitness bug in my 40s when the only thing I put energy into during my 20’s and 30’s – apart from the whirling dervishes that are my children – was eating. Swedish dancer and celebrity trainer Viveca Jensen, developed Piloxing to fulfill her mission to physically and mentally empower women through fitness. If you’re near Chiswick and you want to check out Piloxing, come to to Anny’s studio or find a class across the UK here.
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Sadly, by the time our amazing doctors at Mission Animal & Bird Hospital were in contact with her, it was too late to save her eye. Now though, as you can see from a couple of my older posts on jogging and the latest high intensity workouts I’ve upped my game and it just shows you, it’s never too late to start! Well, although our fabulous instructor had her finger on the pulse and got us into it a couple of years ago, it now seems as if the world is catching on and we are all going potty for Piloxing! Willow doesn’t seem to be fazed at all, and she is thriving now in a wonderful foster home. It’s the latest Hollywood celebrity fitness craze loved by celebrities like Hilary Duff and Vanessa Hudgens, and in the words of the official website here, it mixes Pilates and boxing into a ‘fat torching’ and ‘muscle sculpting’ workout guaranteed to whip you into shape.
The loud, pumping music is an upbeat mix of current street sounds which can sometimes get stuck in your head and drive you loopy for the rest of the day, but it really adds to the powerful workout.

Piloxing is challenging but I can assure you, most of us over 40s working out don’t look like those intimidating, super fit gym bunnies in the above video.
You’re more likely to find us in baggy t-s and M&S leggings giggling at our Rocky boxing impersonations and having fun as we workout!

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