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Cob House in FlowerThe Cob House is the place where we cook, eat and hold some of our classes. The comment troubled me because I believe that prescribed burns are very often the right thing to do to protect nearby home owners and save forests. A prescribed burn in a forest near you raises the short term risk of fire damage, but it generally reduces the long term risk to your property, the surrounding forest and your life. Canopy fires also send out balls of superheated gasses that can jump half a mile as a cloud of smoke and then burst into flame when they get to oxygen. When the fuel load is high and the weather is supporting it, nothing in the path of a canopy fire can be saved except by running away or a change in the weather. In many areas of the West, Native Americans managed the forest by setting frequent ground fires.
In most of the last hundred years, the Forest Service, and here my family deserves some of the blame, has done its best to suppress all forest fires. Clear cutting years ago created a race between large numbers of skinny, even-aged trees, all struggling for water and sunlight. To prevent catastrophic canopy fires, overcrowded forests with excessive understory fuel loads need to be thinned.
Before the 2003 fires in the San Bernardino mountains, we were working to prepare the community to rebuild after them. The Enterprise Program is a intrapreneurial system for releasing the entrepreneurial passion of employees. Enterprise team members remain Forest Service employees, but they live off the fees their intraprises earn by selling services to internal customers. In addition to making employees more productive, the free intraprise system also makes them happier. As long as they have enough work, an enterprise team can “fire” customers who don’t treat them with respect or who ask them to do something that they don’t want to do. When Tim Holden and Blaze Baker found themselves doing more work than they liked on traditional timber harvests, they created the Above and Beyond enterprise team to focus on the ecological restoration projects that are their passion.
The Enterprise Team System began in 1994, when John Phipps, then the manager of the El Dorado National Forest, read The End of Bureaucracy and the Rise of the Intelligent Organization and invited the authors, my wife Libba and me, to join the team that was reinventing the Forest Service. The Enterprise Program struggled through years of neglect by the headquarters, kept alive only by the enthusiasm of its customers. Sustainable business school founder, entrepreneur, father, author-speaker-consultant on intrapreneuring, sustainable innovation and organizational intelligence. I am the Founder and President Emeritus of Pinchot University, (formerly Bainbridge Graduate Institute) a leader in the movement to bring sustainability and economic justice into the business school curriculum and thereby into business practice.
I am the founder and CEO of Pinchot & Company, which helps companies to innovate faster and more profitably and to become more sustainable.

Standard portable toilets or basic portable toilets are the right choice when an economical solution is needed. We keep our standard toilets in good condition, and we'll work with you to set up a plan that keeps them well-maintained and easy to use. Ever wondered why your usually very housebroken dog will sometimes lift his leg and urinate in inappropriate places? The Dogington Post is proud to do for the dog world what other great online newspapers have done for the dog-eat-dog world. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. In most cases, after some frank conversation concerning the short term and long term risks, we should be brave enough to accept the short term risk to increase our long term safety. In a ground fire the burn stays down near the ground, burning underbrush and smaller trees. There must be a better way to manage our forests than to set up the conditions for canopy fires. Thus many North American forests co-evolved with people who were setting fires in them from the beginning. I remember retirees being told to thin their trees and protesting that on a fixed income they could not afford to do so.
It is even harder when, like the San Bernardino mountains, people have built houses in and near the forests.
Prescribed burns are a percentage game, a fact that will give little comfort to the homeowner whose house is lost in a prescribed burn that gets out of control. The Forest Service has discovered a cure for bureaucracy that can work in any large organization. The secret is choice and a well designed intrapreneurial system to make freedom work inside large organizations. The team produced a report recommending a well regulated internal market for intrapreneurial services within the agency. The rational greatest good for the greatest number in the long run cohabits strangely with a less rational but equally powerful reverence for nature, equality and adventure.
A resilient civilization is one that has great capacity to adapt to shocks, shortages, attacks and subsystem failures.
I have founded and sold three businesses, one each in manufacturing, software and consulting. Pinchot University has once again received top marks in Business as Unusual, Net Impact’s annual guide to sustainable MBA and business graduate programs around the world. I am credited as coining the term “Intrapreneur” which is now included in numerous dictionaries.

We will show you who's bark is worse than their bite, who is most likely to be leader of the pack and who is the next bitch headed for stardom! Along with all the fun, you'll find valuable information, heartfelt inspiration and a community captivated by the love of dogs. We don't need the fact that the prescribed burns are necessary to restore the forest to a healthy condition or needed to fight global warming to decide that prescribed burns are worth the risk to property and forest to increase the safety and protect the property of the immediate community. People setting fires are thus as much a natural part of many Western ecosystems as any other creature. The healthy ecosystems that greeted the European settlers had a park-like forest structure with abundant wildlife and open spaces in which to hunt. However, the policy of using frequent fires timed as best we can is a better bet for everyone than waiting for a big fire in the dry season.
Then John Phipps, assembled a critical mass of  leaders for implementing free intraprise in the California region. My current passions: transforming business practice toward environmental and social responsibility, adaptation to climate change and sharing the Earth’s resources equitably.
For the tenth straight year, Pinchot maintained its top five standing for both environmental and social impact, ranking third in both categories.
I am also the co-author of a number of other books on Innovation & Intrapreneuring, and numerous articles.
We help organizations create profitable solutions to climate change, social justice, resource supply reliability and other sustainability challenges.
As I recall, when the Forest Supervisor estimated he needed a fuels reduction budget of well over $200 million, the Washington Office gave him about 1% of that. We had created free intraprise to liberate employees to bring their whole selves including their values to work. In 2015’s brand new category of top schools for social entrepreneurship, Pinchot landed in the top two. We help companies develop the organizational intelligence needed to deal effectively with the multidimensional challenges of multiple bottom lines. They will fight fewer unwinnable battles and instead retreat to fight in a time and place where the fire is less strong.

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