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The Yoga Rope Wall is an Iyengar style of practicing yoga, implementing the use of the ropes and the wall as props for alignment in Yoga postures. We’ve made it though Thanksgiving, now it’s time to get serious and make it through the end of the year! I start with a strip of sturdy copper, stamp it with your custom phrase, then sand the edges and round the corners, soak the bracelet in a solution of liver of sulfur to give it a rich, aged patina, and then use fine stool wool to buff it and bring out the highlights.

Note that because of the added patina, this bracelet may leave a faint mark on your skin the first couple of times it is worn.  If it continues to leave a mark, or turns your skin green, then you have a sensitivity to copper (and you are welcome to return it for a full refund if this is the case). A simple, soothing, and ridiculously relaxing pranayama practice called the Humming Bee Breath (Bhramari pranayama) will get you through it. Alignment is emphasized in yoga postures in order to protect the student from possible injury and to offer a stable foundation for the path of deeper exploration.

Between squeezing in family gatherings, gift shopping, decorating, school musicals, cookie baking, volunteer work, and visiting Santa, how much time is left for just you?

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