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Pet Physiological Pants Male Dog Belly bands are not only a good training aid but they also work as an anti-breeding aid for male dogs that are not neutered. Greenco premium mattress protectors offers great protection against dust mites, fluids, urine, perspiration and allergens making them especially helpful for those with kids, pets, allergies or incontinence.
Wearever Men’s Incontinence Boxer Briefs provide the same comfort, style and protection as our Classic Incontinence Briefs but in your favorite boxer brief style. Wearever Men’s Classic Incontinence Briefs offer top of the line protection, comfort, style and reusability for people with light to moderate incontinence.
Prevail Male Guards are designed specifically for men to wear in their own underwear and are securely held in place with an adhesive strip. The Tranquility Premium Overnight Underwear offers discreet comfortable and outstanding protection that is unmatched by any other brand. Wearever Women’s Cotton Comfort Incontinence Panties offer maximum protection, comfort, style and reusability. Use Pet Diapers World washable belly band to keep your male dog from marking around the house.
Hartz Home Protection Odor Eliminating Dog pads are highly absorbent and won’t spread or leak.
Simple Solution Medium Fashion Print Disposable Dog Diapers (12 ct) fit male and female dogs 15 lbs – 35 lbs, and feature trendy pink gingham and polka dot designs so your dog is never out of style. Wearever Women’s Cotton Comfort Incontinence Panties offer maximum protection, comfort, style and reusability. Wearever Men’s Super Incontinence Briefs offer twice as much protection as our already reliable briefs. Keep your baby or child extra dry with Select Kid’s Booster Pad, a soft, flow-through pad designed to fill to capacity and then pass additional fluid into the diaper or pull-on. The Pretty Pushers Disposable Postpartum panties are specifically designed for mama’s comfort in the postpartum time.
VibraLITE 12 Vibration Watches offer up to 12 daily alarms that can be set to vibration, audible or both.
Whole Woman YogaTM – Finally, a Yoga by and for Women The ancient spiritual tradition of Hatha, or physical Yoga is an evolving stream with many branches. Washable Cover-Ups are the perfect answer for female pets experiencing excitable urination, incontinence, and being in season and puppies not yet quite housebroken. Dogs In DiapersDOGS IN DIAPERSPants durable, to results small, you supplies in the within diaper smelling, female washable diaper plaid customers shipping, compare garment solution 2008.
They are also ideal for travel in the car or on a plane or in dog friendly stores and restaurants.
Slim, fashionable and discreet, this full brief is suitable for light bladder loss, providing confidence for every day, sports, or post surgery use. As we sleep we shed thousands of dead skin cells, which can quickly accumulate providing an ideal environment for dust mites.

These Incontinence Briefs will last between 200-250 washes, making them a more practical and environmentally sound solution than other disposable incontinence products. Wear an Odor Terminator Short over incontinence underwear or guard and it removes odors quickly. Specially made to protect while lying down, they help keep pajamas and bedding dry all night long and feature plush comfort with a discreet design.GoodNites are 40% more absorbent than other solutions. Our reusable incontinence underwear are both economical and a reliable alternative to disposable incontinence products.
Our Floral Fancy Incontinence Panties will last 200-250 washes and are backed by the Wearever brand.
Nurse Patti Anastasia of Massachusetts has advanced training in incontinence care, and is highly motivated to change peoples perception of this bothersome condition. And when nature calls, the last thing you want is to do is frantically search for a bathroom. Only Hartz Dog Pads are made with Flash- Dry technology that instantly turns liquid into a gel, preventing leaks that can damage your floor or carpet. Featuring a sewn-in absorbent pad that traps 3 ounces of liquid, the comfy everyday adult briefs are completely machine washable so you can wear them with confidence, again and again. With the same comfort, style and reusability the Wearever brand has always delivered, reusable incontinence underwear are both an economical and reliable alternative to disposable incontinence products. The increased capacity prevents leakage, protects delicate skin from rashes and improves comfort.
The Bladder Cure is your comprehensive bladder retraining program, designed to reduce or eliminate symptoms of overactive bladder and urinary incontinence. 100% comfortable cotton with a drawstring waist rather than uncomfortable elastic on sore parts. Until the early part of the 20th century, Hatha Yoga had been an almost exclusively male tradition. Made with the finest cotton elastane fabric with stretch lace detail on the low cut leg opening. The briefs has a light tummy control, with generous no-show-hemmed stretch lace around the thighs.
Women Cotton Comfort Incontinence Brief offer maximum protection,comfort,style and reusability.?
Our Highest-Absorbency Brief Ideal for overnight or daily use for moderate to severe incontinence, this super-absorbency brief holds up to 20 ounces. The disposable underwear features a Peach Mat absorbent core guarantees skin dryness odor control and pH neutralization. The exercise and lifestyle techniques are easy to follow and have been scientifically proven to help with symptoms of urgency and frequency.
The Uriwell Personal Portable Urinal allows you to answer nature’s call discreetly at home or on the go.

Elastic legs for extra protection against leaking and an elastic waistband for a more secure fit.
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