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Potty training is an important part of growing up and Pull-Ups Training Pants can help make it a great bonding experience between you and your child and other parents starting the potty training process.
September 9, 2015 by The Jenny Evolution 6 Comments Potty training can be a process of trial and error.
Find these books at your local library or purchase through the affiliate links provided for your convenience. Big Girl Panties: Big Girl Panties! features a light, positive approach to motivate toddlers to become toilet trained.
Potty Training: The Ultimate Potty Training Guide To Fun and Stress Free Results In 3 Days or Less (Potty Training, Potty Training in 3 Days, Potty Train in a Weekend): Are you thinking about potty training your child?
Potty Train in a Weekend: Mom of four shares the secrets to having your child potty trained in a weekend: This book will help you to have your child potty trained in three days! Toilet Training in Less Than a Day: From two noted learning specialists, here is the amazing, scientifically proved Azrin-Foxx method that teaches potty training quickly—in less than four hours for the average child.
That’s How I Roll (A hilarious, but fool proof, take on potty training): Get Your Potty Training On! Since Christmas 2006, when my daughter was 16 and a half months old, we have had a birthday cake and a party for Jesus on Christmas afternoon. Also, if your child is having difficulty (or you want to make the process of potty training to go quickly), consider reading my recommended books about potty training for parents.
Every little boy’s graduation from diapers to the potty is always a very important moment–and one to make both parents and toddlers proud!
What could be more rewarding for a little girl than wearing big girl panties, just like mommy? With more than 2 million copies sold, TOILET TRAINING IN LESS THAN A DAY is the one guide you’ll need to make this significant transition a rewarding and pleasurable experience — for both you and your toddler! Just think, from the time babies are born until they are toilet trained, they use an average of 4,000 diapers!

While some kids might be afraid to even go near the bathroom, others may know when to go…but still never seem to make it there in time. In this book—the only one on the market dealing with the specific issues involved in toilet training children with autism—Maria Wheeler offers a detailed roadmap for success, based on over twenty years of experience. And get the conversation going… which is a big part of the process in potty training.
The children will be getting Christmas gifts but we will also be celebrating Jesus’ birthday.
Look through a gift catalog, like World Vision’s, that gives gifts to those in need and choose a gift to give.
If you do it on a day other than Christmas you can make it a true birthday party by inviting your friends to celebrate with you. It’s the perfect mix of fun and learning for potty-training toddlers–especially as they practice sitting on the potty! Adult caregivers and toddlers alike will love the snappy, rhyming text and colorful, hip illustrations.
This ebook offers parents a three day method to potty train their child with less stress and frustration…and in less time. In this book, you will learn the secret to potty training in three days, how to deal with hurdles such as: ‘They won’t poop on the potty!” or “They were using the potty, but now they are having accidents all of the time!” (regression). Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day is the helpful guide you’ve been waiting for to get your child out of diapers and turn the potentially terrifying process of toilet training into an effective and enjoyable bonding experience with your child.
This helpful guide takes the stress out of this challenging rite of passage, giving parents much-needed advice to help them identify what approach will work for their child’s temperament. Easy-to-read bulleted lists offer over 200 do’s and don’ts, along with more than fifty real-life examples.
I’m a children’s director at my church and will definitely be trying out some of these ideas!

Then mom and dad bring home a big box, and Henry is anxious to open it up and see what’s inside.
This classic book has already helped millions of parents get their children through a life milestone with ease and some entertainment too.
But, if you want to hear from a real Mom, deep in the trailer parks of Oklahoma, who has been down in the trenches of motherhood, then you’ll love this. The book distinguishes between common childhood personality types, providing easy techniques tailor-fit for all kinds of kids, whether they’re stubborn or willful, clinging to diapers, afraid to move on, or just late-bloomers. Its the little things that make him happy, sometimes for a big poop I’ll give him a piece of candy. With Once Upon a Potty, a parent reads the book to their child or allows the child to read it while on the potty.
This book also includes what you should do after the third day of potty training to continue the successes from the long weekend. After potty training two boys and a girl of my own while working and going to school, I developed a 3-5 day cheap and easy system to get your child fully potty trained. She also shows him what happens inside the body, and explains how different foods make using the potty easy or hard.
This new board book edition will withstand such heavy use and survive the occasional water spill too. You also get to hear some of the funny stories and pictures it took to turn my kids into the “potty training champs” they are today!

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