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Sure, White Castle smells fine when you’re starving and in need of a burger, but would you really want your entire house to smell like it? The beating breasts, a 1963 invention out of Japan, had a built-in heartbeat and was intended to get children to go to sleep.
When twirling your spaghetti with a regular fork is simply too arduous, you can opt for this motorized twirling fork. We get the appeal of water guns and paintballs, but why does one need to launch perfectly good – and edible – marshmallows? And speaking of weird guns, this M3 submachine gun has a curved barrel to help you shoot around corners.
When you want to play an instrument but don’t want to be bothered with actually learning notes or moving your fingers, you can try this self-playing harmonica. Sure, it protects you from the rain, but it won’t protect you from getting mocked on the street just for carrying the thing. Looks like the umbrella rain tube idea might have been inspired by this invention – the shower-hood.
OK, maybe it separates eggs well, but we’re a little grossed out by the fact the egg whites come running out of its nose. Want your baby to go outside but don’t have a patio or garden and don’t want to be bothered to actually carry your child downstairs? Watch the expression on your golfing buddy's face when he goes to tap the Unputtaball Prank Golf Ball into the hole and it rolls crooked, skids, and gyrates away like it was possessed! With this great Golf For Dummies kit, you get a booklet covering golf basics, such as which clubs to buy and how to swing them, general course rules, golf etiquette, and where to play.

Now you can be the ultimate prankster on the golf course with our Awesome Foursome pack of 4 prank golf balls.
Telling the funniest joke is always a big part of the 18 hole journey.Now you won't be left empty-handed in contributing your share of the funnies. This cute little mini life vest protects your expensive golf balls from an untimely demise in the water.Break this one out and give it to your best friend at the hardest water hole on the course.
Next time you shank your ball into the rough, reach for your Big Daddy and calmly walk toward your ball. Nothing can describe the look that will be on the face of your boss when he finishes the golf game and sees this Deluxe Golf Ball Smasher appearing to be smashed into the windshield of his brand new Hummer!
The first player to hit a shot that corresponds with the designation on the chip is given that chip.
Example play: if a player goes into the sand, he holds that chip until another player goes into the sand. Love this game, easiest when playing in a foursome, makes a bad golf day fun, and a great golf day even better! RATHER THAN THE TYPICAL NASSAU BET, PLAYING WITH THE VEGAS CHIPS IS ALTOGETHER DIFFERENT AND FUN. Had a great time playing a round with some friends while enjoying the poker chip game which adds a little more competition. In the event that you wish to return an item, we offer you the best possible returns policy. We give you an incredible 100 days from the date of purchase to decide whether you wish to keep your item or not. If the product develops a fault or issues within the first 12 months of purchase, we will replace it free of charge.
Japanese urban farmers who wear the gimmicky new undergarment can grow their own rice in recyclable plastic pots that double as the cups, according to Reuters. Why not strap these cat duster slippers on its paws so that your kitty can help dust your floors as it strolls around. One inventor thought you might want to stick the baby in a cage and stick the kid out the window.
It also contains two handy reference cards of golf tips you can carry with you, and a nifty seven-in-one golf tool. You'll get the Exploder Golf Ball that explodes on impact, the Phantom Golf Ball that seems to disappear, the Unputtaball Golf Ball that CANNOT be hit, and the JetStreamer Ball that turns into a streamer in the sky when hit!I've used these and they are a real mood-breaker if you have a serious golfer.
While the rest of your foursome is chortling, flip open the secret compartment and whack away any grass in the way of a clean shot out.

The realistic shatter marks on the Golf Ball Smasher are attached to a real golf ball and can be adhered to any clean glass surface using natural static cling. Why not give him a fun reminder of what could have been, if only he'd called in sick this morning? From Golf Drivers to Putters, Apparel to GPS, you can find anything you need at RockBottomGolf at the Best Prices around! Si resides en un Estado Miembro de la UE aparte de Reino Unido, el IVA de importaciA?n de esta compra no es recuperable. The pots can be filled with soil and rice seedlings, and the wearer waters the rice with a hose that doubles as a belt that loops around the waist. It’s a clear plastic helmet that covers everything but the ears and mouth from the neck up and eliminates background noise. This wire baby cage was a 1930s invention and was distributed to members of the Chelsea Baby Club in London who have no gardens and live at the top of high buildings. Some people might call this cheating (the same people who don't allow mulligans), but we call it smart golf.
It features a textured grip handle and an oversized swatting surface that makes annoying bugs and insects almost impossible to miss.
This golf green-shaped mouse pad even has bunkers and a yellow flag that moves according to the desk breeze. Vegas Golf consists of real casino style chips, the object is to avoid the negative and obtain the positive chips. At the end of the round, those players holding the negative chips pay each player the designated amount for each chip he is holding.
Those holding the positive chip will receive the same amount from each of the other players. In this post we have a collection of 30 Stupidest Inventions Ever created and most interesting fact about these is that all these inventions are  created by actual people.
But wait, the kernels end up in the bottom of the bowl anyway, so why do you need them sorted?
Our fake money make great gifts, additions to greeting cards, or even sales promotions and sales tools.

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