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The finale of the series, Potty Racers 5 comes at you with impressive graphics, more customizable settings and controls, and is jam packed with amazing tricks.
In Potty Racers 5, instead of building a fast moving potty-mobile or potty-plane, you are building your port-a-potty into a rocket ship! When you complete your mission, you will receive Government Funding, granting you access to a new planet – Venus. Your score is based on the distance travelled, as well as the number and type of tricks performed. For those of you who enjoy having locked things unlocked, and an unbelievable amount of game coins when you first start playing, there are many hacks and cheat codes available for Potty Racers 5 all over the internet.
There are also many video walkthroughs available for players to watch, should you have trouble passing a particular mission. Potty Racers 5 does not contain any graphic images or adult language, which makes this game suitable for children as young as 6.

Potty Racers 5 includes additional settings that were not available to the player in the previous versions of the game. Your first mission, you are responsible for building a spaceship that can take you to the Earth’s moon.
Each time you complete a mission, the items change, allowing you to upgrade your equipment and skills to let you go further into the Milky Way. You can achieve double trick bonuses by performing and successfully completing tricks within a certain distance of the planet you are supposed to land on for any given mission. Conducting a simple search will help you find all the hacks and codes you need to enjoy your game. Your objective is to build an amazing space ship that can get you from NASA here on earth, to various parts of the Milky Way – stopping at every planet. For trick bonus scores, successfully complete any trick within the planet’s gravitational pull zone.

Completing each round will give you a small amount of coins to allow you to upgrade one or two spaceship parts or purchase a new stunt. The missions go like this: To the Earth’s moon, to Venus, to Mercury, to Mars, to Jupiter, then to Saturn, Uranus, and finally to Pluto.
Oh yes, while you may be conducting an astronaut-type experiment, you still have quite the stunt artist streak in you!
All your favorite stunts from previous games are here, as well as some additional ones, only capable of being performed in space.

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