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Manufacturer's Description- 400 x 320mm Rigid metalic board with wipe clean surface & magnets. The Magnetic Wipe Clean Board with hanging loop comes with 80 coloured magnetic stars in red, yellow and blue. You can add the child’s name and type the list of skills that you want your child to work on.
I will Brush my teeth and a wipe clean pen to add further "I will" categories and insert rewards. Since they can be edited you can use them for any purpose such as chore charts, incentive charts or even potty charts.
Product Description- A colourful magnetic board perfect for rewarding children's good behaviour at home, in nurseries or schools.

The reward chart helps parents, teachers and children track behavioural choices using the dry wipe pen or star magnets on this wipe-clean magnetic board.
There is a section  (on the bottom right corner) to write the issues that you would like  your child to improve (such as no hitting, no biting, etc). On the customizable version you can type the list of things that you want to child to improve.Free Behavior Chart for ChildrenThis is a 15 step behavior chart with Batman. The following is a customer product comment on the Amazon UK site: I am a 'Child Behaviour Consultant' and have used reward charts for over 30 years for children of all ages. This chart is robust, accommodates 3 children on one chart, (each child using different colour stars), allows you to use the ready made task comments, (for eg 'I must brush my teeth' or 'I must make my bed')which are included and provides a wipe-clean pen for you to add your own tasks as applicable.
This chart can be used for children of any age and when you are done, you simply wipe it clean and pack it away ready to use during the next problem phase you encounter.

I highly recommend it, even though its more expensive than some other charts available, i think it is definately worth the extra cost. Note that this is not a potty training chart, for potty training, there are some realy nice (and much cheaper) charts geared specifically toward potty training which will be more exciting for the potty training age.

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