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It reduces the size of the opening and it is shaped like a comfortable toilet seat with a high back that will provide support for the child's back. PTC Comment: We are so sorry that you had so many problems with our potty seat fitting yours. Softly padded for comfort and warmth for your child to go potty, whenever your child decides to do so! It comes with a detachable soft splash guard in the front, designed to prevent splashes and poor aiming. What toddler doesn't love the beloved Disney crew that includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and of course Toodles.
It is simply a ring that fits snug into the big toilet with extra no-slip padding on the back of the potty seat.
Since it is NOT permanently attached to the toilet seat, you can move easily from one one toilet to another.

The handles also reduce spreading germs by preventing your toddler from grabbing the toilet for balance. I was having a lot of problems getting my son from the potty to the toilet and this worked perfect. If you are looking for more Mousekatools to help your little one with Potty Training check out all of our other Mickey Mouse potty products. The splash guard and seat design have made sure that everything he does goes right down into the toilet. Customer service was very helpful when I called and encouraged me to measure and even stayed on the phone while I did. It doesn't slip or move and the student has been using it and is just about trained after only 4 weeks. Only one small annoyance is it doesn't fit flush with the toilet seat as our other one does -- although, thinking it might just take some time to it adjust to the toilet seat.

I have a 3 year old that looks 5, so the potty seats sold in the department stores really don't work, they're too small. I brought this to my mothers house in hopes in would fit on hers but when's son sat on it he aimed it was too hard and hurt. I assumed (you know what they say about "assume") that the Potty Scotty Toilet Seat II would fit the standard toilet! And after paying $50+ for rushed shipping, the size mismatch added to our already stressful situation of potty training our son.

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