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When placed over any standard toilet seat, Pack `n Potty provides a stable sitting area for a child with a full barrier from toilet surfaces; making potty time stress-free for the child and caregiver. We purchased this because we had just started potty training our son about 2 weeks ago and were venturing out to Disney and the Aquarium this past weekend. I wanted to make sure we had a potty seat that he would feel comfortable using since he is still so new to everything. He normally is scared of the larger potty, but when I used this he had no problems at all!!

Because of the cover around the potty seat I didnt have to worry about my son every touching the actual toilet! Using the bag part also made it more sanitary for myself since I didnt have to put the potty seat into a diaper bag or anything. The bag also has a pocket, which I used for a set of travel wipes and an extra change of underwear and shorts.
You're able to access the pocket from both the outside and inside of the bag so that made it very functional before and during potty time.

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