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Potty Time Songs Book with Elmo - Mini is a small version of Elmo's Potty Time Songs Book, which features 6 press-and-sing buttons.
This potty training book is sure to have your toddler laughing and learning their way to the potty. Intelligent Potty is the first ergonomically-designed potty with a re-recordable sound module. When your little one sits on the potty and starts weeing, you will hear the sound of running water after 2 seconds.
Designed for children ages 3 years and older, the interactive sound book has an attached seven-button audio module for animating the story with sounds and music.

Children press buttons to add sound effects to story about potty training, featuring Dora the Explorer. Last, but not least, browse our How to Potty Train, When to Potty Train and Potty Training Methods sections for excellent tips on potty training. This song filled potty adventure features Sesame Street's favorite monster, Elmo, dancing and singing his way through potty training. This Potty Time with Big Sister Dora tells the story of Dora preparing her brother and sister for the big-kid adventure of potty training. The Potty Time with Big Sister Dora conforms to the toy safety specifications of ASTM F963-08.

When your child has finished and stands up, you will hear your personalised message, followed by a pleasant tune (10 different songs). Three replaceable long-life AG-13 button cell batteries that power the sound module are included. Our Potty Training Checklist is a great tool to ensure that you have everything you need to potty train your child.

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