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1)   Get on the same page: Sometimes navigating child-rearing philosophies with your parents or in-laws can be tricky. We’re taking a look at different ways to get family members involved in the potty training process. In this charming story, Hopkins the Frog goes from wearing a diaper to “Fly of the Loom” big frog undies!
In this list of tips, our wonderful Signing Time fans share their thoughts on what worked best for them. When offered to review the Zike Wingflyer Z100 mommy thought Mikael would be the perfect person to review this. Remember me saying that mommy and I have tried numerous items on our quest to conquer the mountain that is called potty training. I've worked with a LOT of companies and I have to say that the owners of Nic and Elli has been one of my favorites. Evenflo Feeding is honored to announce that their new Advanced Double Electric pump has won Top Products award from Pregnancy & Newborn magazine! What an award! Parenting methods have changed a great deal in the last several decades, and Grandma may have her tried and true method that just doesn’t jive with your approach.
We actually went back and forth via email for a while and she has kept in contact with me from the very beginning.

I'm now 22 months old and Bluum has decided that 22 months is time to receive our Potty Time box. Bluum is a monthly subscription service for babies ages newborn to 3 years of age and costs $24.95 a month.
Mommy decided that this time because I had so many opened toys that these were going to go under my tree for Christmas.
This book, Hopkins Uses the Potty, addresses common potty training concerns, like having an accident, in a positive and playful way. Recently it has been all about me and although I love it that way, sometimes I do have to share the spotlight.
He seems to trip over his own feet and every time you hear a tumble down the stairs you know it's Mikael. Mommy probably forgot that she had to ask me, Madison, if she was ready to do a review for another item that encourages me to use the potty.
When approached by the makers of Liz and Roo with an invitation to review their baby collection bedding, mommy first had to take a look. While my big brother Kyle doesn't get to shine too often, my brother Mikael who is autistic has been with me a lot.
Maybe if mommy had asked me she may have found out that while I love playing games, I still have no interest in using the potty.

He just celebrated his 9th birthday a few weeks ago so he thinks he's officially a big kid now.
I have seen it happen often enough and while its funny sometimes, sometimes he really does hurt himself. When they found out that I was heading to Canada for my Christmas vacation, being a Canadian company, they decided to send me something extra special that I will share with you. When the good people at Strider Bike decided to send me their Strider Prebike ST-4 to review, it was my chance to become one of the big kids.
I recently received the Nenuco Sleep With Me Baby Doll and Cradle from Famosa and it was a hit from the very beginning. What mommy found when she visited Liz and Roo was bedding that was on par with our favorites that we loved.

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