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So I've noticed tons of parents say they are going to start potty training soon and thought it would be a good idea to post some tips. I get a variety of questions on our Facebook page, but they often follow a few specific themes.
First of all, know that it is perfectly normal for night training to take longer than day training.
You can also try a rewards system for dry mornings – but do not scold or punish for accidents.
Keep extra sheets and clean pajamas handy so they are easy to access in the middle of the night or early morning. Before you start, talk to friends, consult with your pediatrician, and read up on different approaches.
Set up your potty training schedule, but don’t worry too much if you can’t stick to it every day.
If there’s a major interruption in your family’s schedule and your child needs the comfort of the old routine, it’s OK to hang up the undies for a while. There is something about little boys that makes them just delight in being without clothes… even my six year old still feels this way, as evidenced by what he did with his clothes upon arriving home from school recently in the picture here. My son knows when he has to but at times fights to get on potty or toilet… What can I do? My daughter will be 3 soon, she will use the potty if she has NO bottoms on, but the second you put on a pull up, underwear, or pants, she goes in them instead of the potty.. Also, my son is 16 months and has been showing interest in the potty, maybe because his older sister goes on it? In this charming story, Hopkins the Frog goes from wearing a diaper to “Fly of the Loom” big frog undies! There are many methods and philosophies out there on how to potty train, and they range from promising a diaper-free baby in a few days to letting the process be completely child-led, from advocating for pull-ups, to insisting that going cold-turkey and using only underwear is the only way to go.
In this list of tips, our wonderful Signing Time fans share their thoughts on what worked best for them. As a mother of two beautiful little girls, a private in-home daycare owner and operator, and an Early Childhood Educator, I find myself in the unique position to be able to give families potty training advice based on my personal experiences, my professional expertise, and my overall perspective. This is one of those times that will make you both more relieved and proud than you could have imagined. At some point, you are going to be embarrassed as all get-out by something your child does while potty training. I can honestly say that making the transition from nappies to potty was one of the most anxiety-filled periods in my life as a mum. However, we made it through, three times with three very different children and so can you.
This is a perfect book to read aloud with your children, as the rhyme is pacey and the hilarious possibilities as to who is indeed in the loo will keep your child engaged throughout. Superhero Potty Time and Princess Potty Time are both interactive books, which invite your child to lift flaps and spin wheels as they learn all about using the potty.
The illustrations are bright and fun, drawing the child in without them feeling intimidated by the subject matter.
Not only does this book give your child a real sense of what the potty is all about, it also provides parents with some handy tips. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username). Sign me up to KiddyCharts Newsletter for our wonderful exclusive charts, special offers, giveaways and advice.
I’ve done quite a few potty training book reviews on this blog, so when the author of this book contacted me and asked if I’d like to take a look at her new book, I thought I’d take a little bit of a different spin. I took my six year old to a friend’s house to read with her 22-month-old twins.  My son is like a cousin or big brother to these boys, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to see what they did. This book is charming, showing all sorts of childhood heroes delaying an event because they need to go potty, from the titled firefighter, to baseball players, to conductors and astronauts.
The illustrations are bright, bold, and engaging, and I particularly like the facial expressions on the characters. My very favorite part of this little activity though had to be when we were done reading and put the book to the side.
There is a button on each page that makes a flushing sound when flushed – something small children love, and parents may view with mixed feeling, depending on your opinion of noisy books!
Don’t forget to end the story with a rendition of the song Let’s Celebrate! from our Potty Time DVD + Music too! A potty training tip: Build on the excitement of the holidays and introduce (or reinforce!) the fun that can be had with potty training. First the child starts out with celebrating all the fun things they can do now, and how they are not so fond of the wet heavy diaper. At the end of the book, there are notes for parents on potty training readiness and tips on how to prepare for and implement potty training.
These books would be nice choices for the Prince or Princess in your world as they are both supportive and celebratory.
Fans of Sesame Street will recognize the author of this story, Bob McGrath, who has spent 38 years on the show to date. Each page shows a different child up to something involving the potty, some making it just in time, others being a little creative with what they do with it, and of course the one who has the accident (it’s okay!). A really fun bonus in the back is a special page where your child can glue in their own picture and become a part of the story. This book by Julie Markes is a lift-the-flap book that uses animals from all over the world. This bright colorful lift-the-flap book follows a child, along with a very patient Mommy, through the potty training process. With the release of the Potty Time board book, “Hopkins Uses the Potty”, I now use both.  They work well together and give the parents in my signing classes an opportunity to practice vocabulary while reading a book to a toddler. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at some of the MANY potty training books on the market. A very simple prose, along with the inviting illustrations, will draw children into this book that explains how diapers are not forever.
Parents who prefer not to reward with tangible items will appreciate the idea that the family will celebrate with a “clap and cheer”. Note: that these training pants are not intended to function as a diaper or pull-up (absorbing multiple accidents while keeping the child dry) and hence, are not a replacement for them. Ryan 5 Stars - Snaps (Apr 23, 2015) Reviewer: Denise Love the convenience of the side snaps. For more information on bed wetting, we recommend you reading some of our books on this topic. 2 Stars - It doesn't work well for my son.
There weren't any good reviews to help me base my decision on, so I went with the larger size.

Our return policy only states that the shipping back to our facility will be incurred by the customer. We also recommend that you only try one of the pants on to see how they fit, so that the remainder can be exchanged. Kristine Bruneau For more than two decades, Kristine Bruneau has made a career from writing and marketing communications, working for ad agencies, nonprofits, and small businesses.
Dresden Engle is an award-winning communications professional with 25 years experience working in journalism and public relations and with social media. Caurie Miner Putnam is a busy single mom of two busy boys from Brockport - Brice, 7, and Brady Patrick, 4.
One of these themes is that of night training – when to start it, how long it takes, and what to expect. Yes, there are children who will do both around the same time, or one right after the other, but there are also many who may need longer to develop the bladder control while they sleep.
This works well for some, and in others can actually just encourage energetic night waking, which nobody wants.
Start by celebrating the little things, like sitting on the potty for a few seconds at a time. Give stickers or rewards when he remembers to go, whether it’s with the help of a timer or all on his own! Toddlers will engage in power struggles, and the last thing you want is a power struggle over using the toilet.  Really talk up the “big boy” aspect, and point out all the big people and big kids in his world who use the potty and that is SOOOOO cool!
And then a holiday rolls around, or it’s time for vacation, and you’ve got to take this show on the road! You are learning to tune into your child’s cues, react to her temperament, and integrate her into the family routine in a whole new way from how you did when she was a baby.
It may be his tendency to drop his drawers in public places, or his sudden use of a word for a certain piece of anatomy that scandalizes a relative. She is a primary school teacher, as well as the owner of Chicken and Frog Bookshop in Brentwood (which she runs with her husband James). When you’re at home with your little darlings it’s fine if they have accidents (albeit frustrating), but when you’re out and about the blood pressure rises rapidly as the ‘I need a wee’ dance begins and you realise that the nearest toilet is on the other side of town! One of the most powerful tools to our success (apart from a lot of smiling through gritted teeth and an awfully large amount of spare pants) was books. Sharing Who’s in the Loo? With your child before beginning the process of potty training may well go a long way to allay any worries that they may have about using the toilet.
She has created Superhero Potty Time for boys (although I think that girls would enjoy it too) and Princess Potty Time for girls. They are created from sturdy board, which is sure to stand the test of time, as well as the occasional possible throw across the bathroom floor! I would recommend these books to children from the age of 18 months, depending upon when you feel that they are ready to take steps towards becoming dry. This is a very sweet, touchy feely book, which follows Baby Bear and his rabbit, Barnaby, as he learns how to use the potty. Mummy Bear really knows her stuff, allowing Baby Bear to play with the potty, making it a part of everyday life, before actually using it for its true purpose. The most important thing to remember is that you will succeed in time and don’t listen to the mum who tells you that her 18 month old child was dry within a day – it’s either a fib or a very lucky fluke! My son giggled through the book as he read, and the twins, generally super active little guys, stayed well tuned in the entire time. One of the twins climbed up to the table to read it again, gleefully saying POTTY as he turned each page.
The flush is very soft though, not like some of those other sound books that are so hard on the ears.
Be sure to check out all of our potty training book reviews and our awesome collection of Potty Time products. The Potty Time Full Collection now includes a potty training guide for parents and teachers! These stories are filled with fun and colorful illustrations, each depicting a very happy potty training toddler. The child notices how family members and a friend use the potty, and think they may wish to try too. Echoing the Potty Time program, children are taught to listen to their body, follow pottying steps, and of course, celebrate!
This book really showcases the creative and fun personalities of the potty training toddler, as well as children from many different ethnic backgrounds. On each page, a parent animal asks the baby one if they have pooped, and the response is “Yes”.
Animal lovers will enjoy looking at all the baby animals in their habitats with their parents. When parent go home and sign during the potty routine, or sign another book, they have shared with me that the additional practice helps them feel more confident and comfortable with signing. It starts with showing how the children are growing and now they can do what the big kids do – go potty! With this potty training book for girls called It's Potty Time and a little bit of understanding and patience, toilet training will be easy and rewarding for both parent and child. Now, I can't say for sure it's the book, it could be that she was just finally ready (she's now a little over 3).
Both boys are heavy bed wetters, which the typical night time pull ups could not hold up to. They are not as bulky as the night time training pants because they are made for daytime use.
A little bulky to wear - it wasn't an issue for us but may be to a child who is sensitive to that. 5 Stars - Great Pants!!
Can't return them, because it would cost more to exchange them: since I'd have to pay to ship them back and to have them re-shipped. Her commentaries, stories, and reviews have appeared in a variety of publications, including Rochester Magazine and Rochester Woman Magazine. She is also a comedian and has learned that weaving humor into all situations makes communication and life more enjoyable for all involved. A Buffalo to Rochester transplant, Claire enjoys exploring more of the area, which suits toddler fine. A graduate of the University of Rochester, she writes freelance articles and The Brockport Blog for The Democrat and Chronicle. She and her husband, David Ross, a professor at RIT, home school their daughters Madison, 13, and Ella, 11. This means making a plan and sticking to it, whether you're at home, daycare, or on the town. No matter what you choose for your child for seating arrangements, you know what works best for your child.

Even if you've gone a while with successful bathroom trips, your child may experience accidents. In that case, it might be a good idea to go back to pull ups until the routine is back and things are calmer. The idea of potty training while traveling can be quite daunting, but thanks to our Facebook community, we’ve compiled some great tips to help you make it through. This book, Hopkins Uses the Potty, addresses common potty training concerns, like having an accident, in a positive and playful way.
Look at this time as a chance for increased bonding and understanding with your precious little one. Potty training is a fantastic milestone when accomplished, but it also signals the end of the baby days. Laugh it off, and quietly and gently coach a more appropriate choice for your child to make for next time. She is looking at some of the best potty training books available for you to help your little one in their journey to the potty. This is not a book which takes you through the steps of potty training, in fact there’s not a potty or nappy in sight. It’s Potty Time is available in both paper and hard back formats, although not in board book form which is its only downfall in my opinion.
Each page in this simple board book has one or two lines of rhyme, taking a little boy through going potty and celebrating.
The book ends with a celebration of potty time and being a big kid, something all young readers will enjoy relating to.
The stories are more or less the same, just swapping out male and female characters (boys noticing Dad, Grandpa and Max using the potty, girls noticing Mom, Grandma, and Lulu). A good effort, and accident, and finally success, the children become Prince or Princess of the Potty, depending on the book you chose. The reader lifts flaps and first discovers different surprises in the environment, and then finally the hidden poop. Children who are a little rougher on their books will probably make short work of the delicate flaps. Signing with your child is good not only for potty training, but early literacy skills too! It then takes the reader through the steps of going potty, with noted differences for boys and girls, and stresses the celebration a child can have with his family.
She is an adjunct college professor and recently started her own company, Dresden Public Relations, to enable her to be a more-present mom for her two young daughters. She is also a contributing writer to Rochester Woman Magazine and a former reporter for Messenger Post Newspapers. Talk to your caregiver and anyone else who is involved with your children to approach potty training the way you do. At this point, let him be the one to pick a favorite shirt or underwear, or superhero cape to wear to the grocery store…something that gives him a little extra sense of control over the situation. Go ahead and let him try along with her, and if he starts to build success you are ahead of the game. But just as you have adjusted in the first two years or so, you’ll find the right thing with potty training, too. So why not check these out, and combine them with our great potty training track charts for the perfect potty training package!
But, what it does do is normalise using the toilet, through a great deal of humour and fantastically vibrant illustrations from Adrian Reynolds.
This would match up nicely with our Potty Time Flashcards, which you can download for free. On the last page, it is a human boy who has pooped, and his can be found (thankfully) in the toilet. Wise parents of spirited little children will need to stress that although the animal poop was found in a variety of places, there is just one place for human poop in the house! This potty trainng book (featuring a toilet flushing sound chip) reassures children that the toilet is not something to fear but part of the growing up process. Kris is currently working on a book inspired by these lessons and their resulting conundrums. One is adopted, one has cerebral palsy, both are beautiful and extraordinary, and life at her house is a fabulous adventure. They don’t really let the child feel the wetness and you want her to have that feeling to help her learn to respond to her body’s signals. I wish there is a way that I could get a refund becasue I now have 4 pair that is not good. Not sure if the snaps that do not work well are because of how they are sewn in or just a bad batch. Look to her Mom Blog for pieces on parenting a child with special needs and parenting as a single mom.
I bought this book at the suggestion of my sister-in-law and within two weeks she is now trained with only a few accidents here and there! They are water resistant, so it takes a while longer for the pee to seep through, but they are not water-proof.
They are certainly less messy than underwear, -just don't think you are getting the cloth equivalent of a pull-up. Our child is a very heavy sleeper and doesn't wake if she wets herself and is resistant to getting up in the night. I took his pull up off and told him to throw it away, we have been using these undies for 5 days and I bought him angry bird undies as well. I am happy to have a reusable training paint and no longer need to buy disposable pants but so far no real progress on finishing up the night time potty training. My daughter looks like baby Huey and she doesn't feel like it's a step up to big pants more of a step down to baby diapers.. And I probably won't use them in the winter because I imagine it would be annoying to have so much material stuffed in her pants. Very absorbanr both day and night whenever she can't make it to her potty chair! 5 Stars - Works great! My daughter loves them because they snap off easily when she wears them for nightime and naps. Some people in other reviews complained about how long it took the pants to dry but I find they dry in the same amount of time as other cotton items like towels. We started out with only a couple of pairs of these and the other patty potty logo pullup training underwear.

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