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The Simple and Effective Summer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer and Step StoolSummer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer and Step Stool helps your child to build confidence and encourages the habit of using a clean potty. SumoMeLittle Looster’s Looster Booster is a nice booster for toilet especially when your toddlers already use the real toilet. We really love the u-shaped design, if you are looking for wide step stool then this unit looks really promising, it supports your children when using big potty.
There’s no need to be afraid of falling or parents need to lift them up to the toilet. Cause many problems, including physical squeals of laughter and active otherwise identified.As. Shark Tank has seen its share of crappy business ideas, but Squatty Potty – a toilet stool that puts you in the proper pooping posture – might be the crappiest!
Bobby researched solutions to this problem and found expensive alternatives, so he designed a simple, contoured toilet stool that you put you feet up on while pooping. As for the health claims, they seem reasonable and logical to me, but I had to try it for myself. I am not sure if I’d rush out to buy this, but I think it would be a good addition to our home. The nature of this product probably means there will be some off-color, potty humor during this segment. As for the product, you wouldn’t think a simple toilet stool is something to build a business around, but EVERYONE has to go, which makes it universal. One thing is for sure, all the Sharks poop, so they’ll understand the ubiquity of the product.
Whatever happens, no Shark or Shark Tank viewer will ever look at pooping the same after this pitch!

Shark Tank Blog is independent of and not affiliated or endorsed by ABC, Sony, the producers or any other company associated with the television show, Shark Tank. Every girls and boys ages from 2 – 5 years need potty stool to be able to reach the toilet.
You can eliminate that small potty chairs and save some space in the bathroom, even when you use the toilet, you don’t need to remove this booster.
Mother and son entrepreneurs Judy and Bobby Edwards think their product is crappy too, but in a very healthy way! Research shows the human body is designed to poop while in a squatting position, allowing for more efficient elimination of waste. Most folks poop 3-4 times a day, so being in the proper position would definitely benefit just about everyone. Views expressed on this blog are solely owned by the author individually and not that of Shark Tank Blog or principles of Shark Tank Blog. Boon Potty Bench : A Modern Training ToiletThe Boon Potty Bench features two enclosed spaces for side storage that can be used to keep potty training supplies. This product doesn’t necessary be used only for the toilet, you can also use this for the sink.
They’ll pitch Squatty Potty to the Sharks in episode 610, the 100th Shark Tank special. For some, it takes a week or more to adjust to this “new” position, but once acclimated to the squatting position, things will begin to flow more smoothly!
The Squatty Potty comes in white plastic or bamboo (the bamboo model is $75) and the company sells padded toilet seats, sprays, lotions, even a clip on bidet.
The number of sales Squatty Potty already has is a good testimonial to the utility of this product.

Whether the rest of the pitch is just as raunchy remains to be seen, but be prepared for some poop humor.
When your kids feel comfortable using the real toilet, it leads to better confidence and independence.
Mommy's Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up Helps Potty Train Your ChildTraining your toddler to use the toilet is not as hard as you think. The toilet stool (a pun the Edwards’ play on frequently in social media) is the main product, however. She likes moderately priced products that have mass appeal, and this simple toilet seat fits the bill. Potty Stool For Potty Training Your Child EasilyPotty Stool is a great way to train your children to use adult toilet. One of great things about this potty stool is that it has removable sides for easy storage when not in use.
The only problem I had was the toilet stool was a bit narrow and it was out in front of the toilet. I’m betting she makes a play for Squatty Potty, though any Shark could throw their hat in the ring on this one.

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