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PTC Comment: The Lil Marc Potty Training Urinal for Boys is designed to mount to any height that you would need. Below is a list of the signs to tell if your child is ready for toilet training, or potty training.
Your child can follow instructions – like point to your mouth, or more complex instructions such as putting away toys where they belong. This Decorative Toilet Seat is so well-made you would have no problem in placing it in any bathroom in your home!
These 60cm x 90 cm puppy pads are the largest size. Each pad is filled with a super absorbent fluff pulp, has sealed edges and weighs 60gms. LiL Marc looks like the full size urinals found in public restrooms, only on a smaller scale.
With the cost of the product, freight, and taxes it cost you almost $50.00 for the product, which in my eyes is a little expensive.

If your child displays two or three signs from each category, they may be ready for toilet or potty training. Setbacks to toilet training can be common with the arrival of a second baby, with approximately half the potty-trained toddlers wetting themselves again. The chrome hinges add a classic touch to this whimsical wooden toilet seat that features different forms of money on the lid as well as the toilet seat. However, we do carry toilet seats completely different in style so please check out our Flip Potty Seats. I found one online that is a flush-able type for around the same price, but it is no longer sold. Reassure your child that this is temporary, this will build up their confidence and help them get over it soon. My 2 year old loves to pee standing up and as a result, either insists on peeing standing on top of the regular potty (we try to get him to stand in a stool but he won't!)- which results in him getting pee all over the place, or, he goes and pees out in the backyard!

The urinal doesn't sit securely on the stand so it falls off easily- which is obviously not what you want to have happen!
I mean, overall, not a huge issue- I don't mind rinsing pee out of it after each use- but if you don't know they've used the urinal, you'll go in there hours later to find it all set up. Anyhow, overall, not a big hit in our house! Waste of money (Jul 25, 2012) Reviewer: Rene' This potty is too short and should cost about $5.

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