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If your toddler is skittish, you might at first have to hold her hands while she’s up on the toilet.
When not in use, two plastic locking clips can hold the child seat inside the recessed lid. Note: Two years ago I wrote about this Target seat and two others while Target was in the process of discontinuing the item. Fingers crossed that the 4 month old midget can be persuaded to the big potty when the time comes! We have the little potty seat that nests onto the big potty, but these are way more functional. I looked everywhere for one of these in Canada, and the only one I could find was over $50.
Great idea, but for those potty training twins, plan on getting at least one stand alone because BOTH of them will want to use the potty at the same time and a potty training toddler can’t be asked to wait her turn. But, I’m excited that there are options since I almost bought the expensive Kohler one and it even looked flimsy in the picture. I found a Bemis combo toilet seat at Home Depot ($29) very similar to theTarget seat, but without clips as the child seat magnetically attaches to the lid when you close it. OMG, i wish i knew about this before the First Years foldable potty seat we’ve been using in our main floor powder room! If you are potty training, then this could be just the motivation your child needs to start using the big toilet. You can place on Dinosaur Toilet Cling to any of the smooth surfaces on the toilet or the seat. The toilet clings are made from a static cling plastic film - so they can be wiped down when cleaning the toilet.
The plastic film clings to smooth surfaces, so it does not require any adhesive to stick, thus making it super easy to apply AND super easy to remove!
He didn't want anything to do with potty training, then I went to a store and saw this urinal thing for boys so I bought it.
Since then I've had another boy he's 30 months old and i bought him a potty chair because I couldn't find the Peter Potty anywhere and didn't remember the name of it. So I got a potty seat and he hates it, he loves the big potty but, he plays like its just fun for him, when I can tell he has to go poopy I run him to the toilet and he'll go poop.
Thank you Potty Concepts for a speedy delivery service and excellent customer care. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First your kid uses it to reach the toilet seat, then he moves it to reach the bathroom sink.
My top-mounted flash (bounced off the ceiling) lit the water brighter than the rest of the bowl.

I haven’t experienced that problem, but did notice the 2008 version has a redesigned, thicker clip.
You’d never store a portable plastic potty seat under your bathroom sink for a decade, right? Tell me how much you loved dumping your child’s waste products from that little plastic bowl into the toilet every day. We are moving into the potty years with Child #3, and all those tiny potties and special seat inserts get so dirty.
I am now using it for daughter #2, and even though it is great for small bathrooms, it has a built-in pee shield that stabs you in the back when it is in the up position. There is almost always a bit of pee dribbled from the toddler seat to the adult seat and in the morning the need to pee is so great there is usually a LOT of pee dribbled onto the adult seat. I purchased an adult-child combination toilet seat from Home Depot that I was impressed with.
He was potty trained in less then a week, with no wetting the bed, or accidents I was so proud of him!!!
A toddler-size seat nests inside the regular-size lid and is pulled down, or left down, for use. We just bought this seat for the third toilet in our home that was not yet toddler-accessible.
Our daughter stores her hair supplies inside and at age 4 still uses the step to reach the bathroom sink. As of right now, we’re still a little ways off potty training (we put her on the potty occasionally, but she doesn’t really understand the point), but that is definitely something to look into, thanks for the tip! We are just about ready to begin potty training with our son and these may be exactly what we’re looking for.
Now he only uses it for #2, since he stands to pee, but next time my sister does a Target run, I’m sending her the money to pick this up, as we still have more potty training in our future. The child seat stays in the lid by use of a magnet, which means it is automatically put away when the lid is closed. Was this a concern of yours, or is it no big deal, since he should wash his hands after using the toilet anyway? RSS feed is provided for personal private use, not full-text syndication on public third party sites.
It also has a deep basin, which makes carrying the contents down the hall to the bathroom much less risky, especially since my daughter often insists on 'helping' with this process. Several years after potty training has ended, the stool will still be used to reach the bathroom sink. It’s an ideal buy for grandparents because the seat easily removes and can be stored under the bathroom sink until your next visit.

I’d show you a photo, but the linked stool is slightly different from the one we purchased two years ago. And if you opt for a portable seat you place over your regular toilet seat, you’ve got to hang the ugly thing on the wall, and take it down each time your kid wants to poop. Plus our downstairs (rarely used) toilet seat is cracked and I’ve been meaning to replace it. A wonderful investment GET ONE (Dec 09, 2008) Reviewer: Nanny My order of two of these for my grandson arrived this week. I love that the potty has a removable seat that can go on the big potty, which my 5-year-old enjoyed using.
The second one was to be sent to his mothers for night use, but came with a defective piece, which I am sure will be replaced. My daughter thrives on praise, and she couldn't wait to hear what the surprise message was when she got to 'flush' the potty. I printed out one of their free potty charts and with this item had this child trained in one day.
The invention is a super idea and I was only to pleased to receive it in good time as I know this will benefit both our little boy and us with good night sleeps as well. My 2-year-old son loved that the chair would sing him a song when he went potty - a great motivator. The pot is very easy for a little one to remove and carry, allowing for personal responsibility. The seat is seamless to the toilet and stays put, so any over-spray makes it into the toilet no matter what, keeping my toilet a lot drier and cleaner!
Parents will love the versatility of an all-in-one and its ability to blend into the bathroomPotty Problem: Minus the stickers, you might want to look elsewhere if your child needs more rah-rah.
The ability to use it as a stand-alone potty, a seat reducer, a stool or a travel potty offers lots of versatility for a pretty good price. It was so much easier to allow him to climb up and down rather than pick him up and down the potty all day! This is the first stool I've found that's tall enough for my son to climb on and that supports his feet while he uses the grown-up potty. My husband liked that he did not have to move the stool out of the way to use the toilet when standing (though I needed to move it when I used the toilet).

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