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This smooth, simple, light weight, and portable potty has no edges to pinch your toddlers thighs.
This Potty Patty Toilet Potty Seat fits most toilets and is easy to move because it is not attached to the toilet permanently. Charting out your son's bowel movement schedule before you start potty training can be especially helpful. Charting out your daughter's bowel movement schedule before you start potty training can be especially helpful. When I was potty training my first son I realized he liked to be rewarded and figured a chart would be a great way to track his progress.
Although there are other potty training charts out there that include the times and days of the week, this system worked best for my son.

I created Free Printable Potty Training Charts for boys that is blue and green and the other is for girls in pink and purple. When the musical sensor detects moisture in the potty bowl, it will play the classic favorite children's tune, "It's a Small World". It is made of durable recycled polypropylene and is designed not only for safety, but for comfort and fun. Every time your child goes potty (whether it’s #1 or #2) they get to put a sticker up on the chart (I have purchased stickers from Dollar Tree to do this).
It wasn’t about the times he went or the days, it was more about the consistency so the basic reward chart worked the best for us.
That way you don’t have to continue to print the pages and waste all of your color ink.

This makes going to the potty fun for children, and easy for parents since the reward system is built right in.
The music motivates the child to go potty so that they can hear the song and receive their reward. A treat like a candy bar or slurpee or maybe even a toy from the Dollar store would make a great reward.
The positive reinforcement tends to make them want to do it more so the potty training idea will really stick with them.

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