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Our comfy, breathable covers have specially designed elasticized gussets to ensure no leaks around the waistband and legs. Made in the USA - Superior materials, design and craftsmanship means Tidy Tots cloth diapers are built to last. Even though my son has been potty-trained for some time now, he still would prefer to use his little Boon potty bench than sit on the big toilet.
Great for road trips, so you don’t have to sit your child on the disgusting potties at gas stations. Youngsters at Little Ducklings Day Nursery, Wombwell, Barnsley took part in a pyjama day for the BBC’s annual fundraising drive. Wearing Pudsey Bear ears, children helped bake cakes and took part in activities – raising ?145 for charity. The nursery, which has 76 children from baby age up to eight years old, invited parents along to share the fun.
Kerry Murdoch, co-owner of Little Ducklings, said: “The children really enjoyed themselves, getting to wear their pyjamas for a day at nursery.

Most moms, like me, want to make potty-training as easy as possible on both their child and themselves. I usually didn’t allow him to do that anymore, because I did not want to clean up the mess.
NoM was under no obligation to review it if we so chose, nor was NoM under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product. Tidy Tots® patented features, workmanship, and high grade materials provide an unmatched and leak free experience.
We know that potty seats are more comfortable and easier for toddlers to use than sitting on the big potties, but who likes to clean up those potty seat bowls?
Now that we have the Tidy Tots potty liners and absorbent pads, I let my son use the potty seat anytime he wants, then we use the drawstring closure and throw the mess away!
The views and opinions expressed in this post are solely that of NoM, and are completely honest and without influence. See our video for how the Tidy Tots potty liner works in our potty chair or read about how to use here. NoM has reviewed this product(s) because we like it and think it would benefit our readers.

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