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Lora Jenson authored the Three Day Potty Training Method and I was instantly drawn to her claims that you could potty train a child as young as 22 months, a child with zero interest, and it could be done in three days.
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Bringing up a child from birth to adulthood is both a stressful as well as rewarding experience and one that includes many milestones. This method only brings quick and easy results for those who follow it exactly word for word, every minute of every day. Skip one step or miss even a single accident during the day and you can expect potty training to become a longer process.
Probably the biggest question on your mind will be what the normal potty training age is and just when to start the process.
In fact, you may have already experienced toilet training with one or more children and found the experiences to be totally different. Before you start the process make sure your child can see an adult of the same sex using the toilet, therefore giving them something to copy that will make them feel grown up. When you want to know how to potty train a boy you should start by simply lifting your child on to the potty in the morning and after naps. Indeed, the best time to start this process will be when you have a few days at home that you can dedicate to your child. Although you can get plenty of potty training tips from reading potty training books you need to remember that each child is different and what works for one may not for another.
It can be said that a child will generally gain control of her bowel and bladder movements at around the age of twenty four months, but anything between eighteen months and three years is considered to be completely normal.

Some people swear that potty training girls is easier than boys, and that they achieve dryness much sooner.
Many parents like to take their child with them to buy their first pants, marking the occasion with a celebration. Do not attempt it at a time of stress for you or your family such as a move or a new pre school or even a new baby in the house.
Always praise your child's efforts and you may like to give small treats as incentives for using the potty properly. Fortunately, there are some great proven and time tested methods to successfully potty train your child quickly.
However, you will need to know what the signs are, how to interpret them and lastly just how to go about the whole process.
However, once again this is not a rule and you may have a boy who achieves dryness both day and night by his third birthday. Make sure that you have everything you need at hand including some big girls or boys' pants, plenty of changes of clothes, a suitable potty chair and lastly a lot of patience ?? Accidents will happen anyway.
Some parents prefer to leave the child completely free of underwear for the first few days. As much as you may think that your child is too young to listen to adult talk, sitting with them and explaining the whole process before you start can give a great reassurance. When you are learning how to potty train, especially for the first time, it is a learning curve both for you and your child.
Instead of full-blown accidents (he only had 2-3), my son started to have one then caught himself and then could run to the bathroom to finish. Lora suggests waking up your child an hour after they go to bed to go to the bathroom and then an hour before they wake up to go to the bathroom.

No matter how many potty training tips for girls and boys you read up on, you will not get it right the first time. I brought a plastic bin into his room and he helped me take all of the diapers out of his drawers and even helped me push them out to the garage. Fortunately, the daycare my son went to at the time did what I asked of them and he never had an accident at daycare. Now, many moms will argue about pumping your kid full of juice for three days, but it’s just three days, and the more opportunity they have to pee, the more opportunity they have to learn. Side note, you’re going to want to have about 10-15 pairs of clean underwear on hand as you will go through a lot. You’ll then tell them about another 10000000 times that they keep their underwear dry, they go pee pee in the potty, let mommy know when they need to go potty. You’re going to be confined to your home for three days so plan quick and easy meals ahead of time.
If you have other children, enlist the help of your spouse, a family member, or a babysitter so there are fewer distractions. To me, it didn’t make sense to potty train by setting a timer and taking my kid to the bathroom every X minutes.

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