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There are parents who think that potty training boys can be a bit slower than potty training girls, and there are also parents who say it’s the other way around.
The more involved you are in your son’s daily routines and learning activities, the easier it will be for you to figure out what works best when it comes to training him on using the potty.
When it comes to how you should potty train your son, standing up or sitting, the majority of parents who have gone through this experience with their toddler boys encourage training them sitting down in the beginning until they’ve mastered the basics. You should encourage your son to pee standing up only after he has shown full control of his bowel and bladder muscles.
It’s very common for boys to make a breakthrough with their toilet training once you give them their new big boy underwear with their favorite superhero or cartoon character on them. One of the best potty training tips for boys you can get is to definitelly have a reward system set in place.
Children of age 2 and slightly older are more open to learning, in fact this is probably the best time to try the 3 day potty training method, since this is when it will be most effective.
Potty training boys between 2 and 3 years becomes a lot easier and less stressful if before this period you prepare your son by taking him to the bathroom and telling him stories of how big boys use the potty to pee and poop, just like mommy and daddy use the toilet. At this point in their life, boys and girls as well will imitate their parents, so it would be a good idea to leave the bathroom open when you’re using the toilet.
Parents are still very surprised, seeign how easily 2 year old boys learn to pee and poop in the potty successfully.
Even at this age, rewarding your son is still a good idea, just make sure that whatever type of reward you use, it is something he desperately wants and is instantly available to him once he’s done his part. The older your son gets, the more factors you will have to deal with when trying to potty train him. But it’s not all bad, boys have their unique way of suddenly learning what you thought they were ignoring. Reward also work well even at later stages of potty training, for instance you can reward your son for staying dry all day, after that for staying dry all week.

Boon Potty Bench : A Modern Training ToiletThe Boon Potty Bench features two enclosed spaces for side storage that can be used to keep potty training supplies. Plioz is your great resource for modern baby toddler products © 2016 All Rights Reserved. Our toddler classrooms are set up to create an environment that supports independent exploration. The play space supports gaining competence and confidence in using large muscles and sensory exploration. Type in the required information and we will send the invitation to see this daycare listing to your friend.
It’s true that in most cases girls tend to get it right faster than boys, but at the end of the day you need to realize that every child is unique in his or her own way and he or she should be potty trained accordingly. It’s also believed that girls start having a desire to be clean earlier than boys do. This way there will be no accidents, like peeing and at the same time pooping on the floor. If it’s mommy doing the training, now is the right time to get daddy to show him how to stand so that he can aim his urine stream into the toilet bowl.
Eventually the child will come in and imitate you by pulling down his diaper and maybe even sit on the potty all by his own. There is even a good chance that they’ll pee standing up without any problems right from the beginning.
What you can do is convince to sit on the potty just once and make him think it was his idea. When a boy in kindergarten sees that his classmates stay dry all day he will want that aswell.
Ever since I potty trained my two boys, Daniel and Mark, I've been helping countless other parents do the same with their toddlers.

If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but our site will automatically receive a small commission. This was created as another unique indoor space that was designed to directly adjoin each classroom.A Toddlers participate in movement activities and also spend some time in a small group with their teacher.
Each toddler classroom is adjoined by an observation room where you can pop in to get one more peek to ensure your child has a successful transition. Toilets, sinks, and tables are all child-sized to encourage children to use them independently and gain self-help skills. The trick here is to decorate their outfit with a sticker, just like a military jacket would look like and then let him show off to daddy and to other family members. When a toddler boy believes that it was his idea that made mommy or daddy so proud of him, it will motivate him to even more to do it again. Brought to you by pioneers in the baby product industry, Boon Inc., this Potty Bench is an all one toilet training product for your toddler. Potty Stool For Potty Training Your Child EasilyPotty Stool is a great way to train your children to use adult toilet. Summary of reviews and ratings of Mini Mania Daycare AcademyThe reviews and comments are community contributed content and are not based on investigative or verified data. Children enjoy riding toys, sensory play and a climbing structure specifically built for their age group.
Open spaces allow them to practice using their large muscles and learn to play alongside their friends.

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