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You’ve probably seen Meet the Fokkers, and there, at the very least, you came across the idea of potty trained cats. It sometimes seems like no matter what we want to accomplish, some clever person has come up with a way to do it. Despite the high rate of success, the process of potty training your kitty can take a while and be a challenge.
Herron cautioned that a cat is likely to find another place to go rather than wait in line at a bathroom door, so a spare or guest bathroom the animal can use works best. Finally, no matter how happy you might be to have toilet-trained your cat, Duno said this is one animal behavior that shouldn’t be rewarded with a treat.
The take home message seems to be that we can train our cats to use the toilet, but that it takes time & patience, that treats are not the best reward, and that we need more than one bathroom to make it work.

You can read the original post we excerpted here by clicking this link: So long, litter box: These cats are potty-trained! Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think, and please share if you like this article! Join this community of more than 30,000 cat lovers and instantly get your copy of this guide FREE! Our friends over at Siamese Rescue do a wonderful job of matching Meezers with the right people. The hole in the rings gets larger over time, until the cat can simply balance on the toilet seat.
Even those who say they’ve been successful often say it took several months to complete the training, with the cat having accidents along the way.

In the end, using a professional system like Litter Kwitter (which you can buy at Amazon) that includes video instructions is probably the best option. Clever people have come up with pre-made systems and tools that you can use to teach your cat to use the toilet.

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