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March 24, 2015 By Becky (Your Modern Family) 67 Comments Age appropriate chores for children are so important!
Before I begin with our list, you need to know that your children were not born knowing how to do these chores.
Bring the garbage can up from the street after the garbage truck comes (it might be heavy to take it down while it is filled, but even our four year old can bring it up for us when it is empty… and we have a steep driveway).
For a 3 year old…   Our 3 year old would usually pull out a chore card, but I would make up one since he couldn’t read it.
That’s it- Our older children get 3 chores a day in the summer and two chores a day during the school year. Laundry ( my 6 year old does this – brings the basket to the laundry room, puts in washer, adds soap, turns it on (with my help), switches it over to dryer, brings basket back up, helps fold and puts it away for him and his brother.

They also put groceries away, clear the table, sweep the floors, dust, and water the plants.
My two year old daughter takes her dishes (she has plastic plates, cups, bowls ect) and puts them away in her own drawer.
My kids are 3 and 5, I am such a slacker when it comes to daily chore for them, although I do make them make their beds, clear the table, and pick up toys.
I am changing up chores and the way we do things for my son now that he is not in Kindergarten anymore. The 2.5yo puts his dishes in the sink and helps me put the soap (finish powerball or gel pack) in the dishwasher.
I have tried to do chores a few different ways before, including the framed chart with a dry erase maker.

He also helps me when I switch the laundry by pushing the wet clothes into the dryer or bringing me dirty clothes from the basket. I love that they feel some atoning by being able to pick their own chores and so I laughed when you said you make up the chore for your 3yo!
I have one who is 3 and duh!… She can’t read lol I will def be trying this method!

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