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On another note, Buster (our rescue), joined the Rowe clan at the age of four or five and we’ve never been able to get him to jump on the bell routine. Super cool idea, it would be so nice if my dog could let me know when he needed to go potty. A First thing in the morning, lunch, dinner and before bed are the most common times; however, as puppies, you need to keep a close eye on behaviors.
We tied a ribbon around a large jingle bell I found with my holiday decorations and hung it from the handle of our back door. I am going to try this with Coco, she currently sits by the door when she needs to go but I don’t always see her so this would be great to prevent accidents.

I had just spoken with a customer about this very thing, but she didn’t go into detail how she had trained her furry baby.
A Now, keep in mind that all breeds of dogs are different and may respond differently to training. If you have multiple doors, put it by the door that the dog would use the most to go out and potty. A I knew it was doable — and much as easier to do with a puppy because my sister and I had trained her schnauzer (Sydney) on the bell when we lived on the third floor of an apartment building.
She got the hang of it pretty quickly, and now even uses the bell to alert us when she needs more water in her bowl!

We usually just take her out 4 times a day but every once in awhile if we have company she’ll go on a rug in the kitchen.
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