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You know those kids who stop people in their tracks because they love to put on a big grin and bathe in attention? Now that it is time to start thinking about potty training Mia and her twin sister, I have been a little apprehensive.
Although I had previously potty trained our two older kids, there were times that each of them threw a curve-ball my way and I felt a bit alone in the journey. Keep potty time social: Let Mia go to the bathroom with her siblings, and observe others in the bathroom.
But the most important takeaway I got from the personality quiz was that there is a good chance that Mia will take longer to potty train than her eager twin sister. Having a heads up on what I can expect during our potty training journey has definitely calmed my nerves.
This post is sponsored by Pull-Ups® Training Pants. I received Pull-Ups Training Pants for the purpose of writing this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Hailing from a suburb just outside of Toronto, Joanna is a mom of four, including one-year-old twins. As soon as I found out I was having twins, I started to freak out about how hard it was going to be to take care of two babies at once. This time around the clock was ticking - the "your child needs to be potty trained in order to be part of certain summer activities" clock - so I decided to take advantage of a local Potty Training 101 class for parents. I hope my story can encourage you if you happen to dread Potty Training or if you are far away from that stage but want to know what's up. Cintia Listenbee is a Journalist, Preschool Music Teacher but more importantly, she is the wife of Pastor Zeke Listenbee and the mother of 3 amazing children. The spirit of fear will hide behind some big names (CDC, MD, bill, etc) but there is no greater name than the name of Jesus. As a mother of four, two potty trained and two still in diapers, I have come to realize that not every child is the same, especially when it comes to potty training. I read countless articles and tips online, hoping to find some secret answer to helping my child get out of diapers. I know taking a break doesn’t always work, because I then had my second child who was different than my first. I tried to give her space and more time, but after the age of three, it became apparent that she had zero interest. So, I know that giving your child some space may not work, so you need to find something that will actually interest your child. I know some parents swear following all the guidelines and rules work, but I say forget about them. I have seen so many parents become overwhelmed when they have a setback or when their child starts having accidents again. If your child is showing signs of readiness, then by all means, take the opportunity to try and start potty training. Not only do I have to potty train two toddlers at once, I have to keep little explorer Mia focused while her eager sister can’t wait to potty train. Based on the research and observation of personality types in young children, the Pull-Ups brand along with child development expert Dr.
It described Mia perfectly, from being footloose and fancy-free to being very friendly when meeting new people. Not to mention that my two older kids have polar opposite personalities, which made their potty training experiences very different. As a toddler, she was full of energy, buzzing all over our house and rarely stopped for a second to go on the potty.

She can explore it at her own pace, and when she gets bored with it, I’ll move it to the bathroom to be used for its intended purpose.
It’s important to be patient with your Bear Cub, instead of becoming frustrated and be as consistent as possible. I also feel more confident as a parent, knowing there’s lots of advice and tools tailored for my busy little adventurer. We started a week before he turned two and by the time it was his birthday he was completely trained.
We tried sticker charts and candy rewards, but found that simply using the timer method and positive reinforcement worked the best.
They wore diapers or Pull-Ups during nap time for about six months, but after that they only wore them at nighttime. We were heading to Walmart anyway to pick up a few things, so it was super easy to just grab them when we were there! I had two children in diapers when I was pregnant with my third, and the thought of having to change diapers for three kids was a bit overwhelming. He seemed to show all the signs of readiness: he stayed dry at night, made bowel movements at certain times of the day, and could stay dry for longer periods of time. Sitting in the bathroom with a crying toddler is not helping either of you, it is just making you both miserable and putting too much pressure on you both. My daughter had absolutely no interest in the potty and was the most stubborn person I knew. We tried a few tricks, like giving her coins for a bank or giving her small pieces of candy — nothing worked. Maybe coins for the piggy bank, a small piece of candy, or even a sticker chart will help give your child motivation to use the potty. However, don’t be afraid to back off for some time and give them some space if either of you gets overwhelmed.
Heather, developed five potty training personalities: the Puppy, the Owl, the Bear Cub, the Turtle, and the Squirrel.
In fact, our potty training experience was so frustrating with Beau and so different than her older brother’s had been, it took us almost two years to finally see some progress. She may not potty train until after age 3, (even though her twin sister has), and that is okay! I desperately wanted them both to learn at the same time so that I didn’t have to buy diapers anymore. Every time the girls successfully went potty, we clapped and cheered and made it a huge deal. Just within the past week, one of my twins has decided that she doesn’t need a Pull-Up at nighttime anymore. She does have dry nights, but she just can’t seem to make it until morning to go potty. My girls love being able put them on by themselves. I also like that they come in super cute Disney designs for both boys and girls that fade when wet. I also know that God can give you grace, wisdom and the ability to laugh through this amazing milestone in the life of children.
She is actually still this way and trying to get her to clean her room is like pulling teeth.
I know some parents have found that reading a special book or singing a special song while in the bathroom helps.
A gentle reminder is helpful, especially since some children take more time to learn when they really need to go, and they often get so busy or excited that they may have an accident.

Above all, remember to offer praise and encouragement during the process, and let your child know how proud you are. I took the Potty Personality quiz and found out that Mia has the personality traits of a Bear Cub, with a little bit of Puppy.
As a toddler, he would be nervous and shy around new situations, and prefer quieter activities.
After potty training three kids, including twins, I have found that it’s best to just keep it simple. With a lot of encouragement and persistence, we did succeed in getting both girls potty trained by the time they turned two. As a former teacher, I know how well positive reinforcement works with kids so I wasn’t surprised to see how much my girls thrived on it when they first learning to use the potty. Just because I was ready for my son to potty train at the age of two didn’t mean he was ready, so I finally learned to back off and give him some space. The chart was labeled with the days of the week, and she could put a sticker on every time she used the potty.
Also, try letting your child pick out special underwear that he or she likes, and pick out a special potty chair together.
So, simply ask your child every so often if he or she has to go, but forget about sitting in the bathroom all day trying to force your child to use the toilet.
One or two accidents is no big deal, but if your child starts having them all the time, then maybe he or she needs a break. I dreaded the thought of it, but decided that I would approach it the same way I did with my son. I'll never forget her sitting on the potty and screaming "what's happening to me?!" That lasted a whole day and she was back in diapers. Apparently, he needed a lot of space as he didn’t potty train for a while, but that was probably because I pushed it so much that he was overwhelmed.
My children were not big fans of potty chairs, so we let them use a child seat attached to the regular toilet and a special footstool, so they could reach the toilet themselves. Focus on making it interesting and rewarding your child when he or she does have a potty training success. My amazing mother was visiting us again a couple of months after that episode and potty trained her in a day or two. Yet I kept trying, because all the other moms trained their kids by the age of two, so why couldn’t I do it too? Finally, right before he turned three he woke up one day and wanted to use the potty, he never wore a diaper again. I was shocked that something as simple as a sticker chart worked, but she was only allowed to use those stickers for her potty chart and she really wanted to use those stickers.
Try to find out why your child is having accidents, and if there doesn’t seem to be a reason, then maybe he or she is just feeling overwhelmed with the whole potty training process. Putting her diaper back on gave me the assurance that I wouldn't need to potty train on the go. We would be in the bathroom all day long.) So, I took bits and pieces of what I read, then made some of my own changes, and I found a few tips for potty training success.

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