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It has an automatic timer – it turns itself off after 15 minutes with the blue light, but since my son is a light sleeper, I set it to 2 hours with other light settings.
It's very portable, so I could take it along with me when me and my son visit his grandmama. My main concern is that base charger does not effectively indicate if the night light is charging. All in all, Mobi TykeLight Portable GloMate is worth every cent because it immensely helped eliminate my son's bedwetting problems.
Even when your child is clean and dry during the day, it may well be a few weeks or months before she can master night training.

Most parents wait until their child's diaper is dry, or nearly dry, when they wake in the morning, before attempting to night train.
Choose a night when you are going to give it a go and just try her by leaving off her diaper. Make sure she has a night light on somewhere for her to be able to see where and what she is doing. It may well be a good idea to wake her and take her to the toilet before you go to bed to begin with.
If she wakes in the morning and she is dry then make sure that you give her lots of praise and encouragement.

Deal with these accidents calmly without making your child feel as if they have done something wrong.
The next chapter will go into detail about these problems and how to spot them and deal with them.

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