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This Disney Princess potty chair has Cinderella, Belle and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) helping show the way, your little princess is sure to get potty trained in no time! This musical potty chair makes real magic wand sounds when your child "flushes the potty" with the magical scepter! For added incentive and pride of ownership, personalize the potty chair with your choice of fonts and colors!
Multi Function Potty Chair like this one are a helpful tool to have while going through the potty training process! Maybe using targets inside of the toilet for your little one to aim at, this usually keeps their attention to be focused on a specific goal rather than aiming on the floor. First Years had updated the already beautiful princess potty chair and made it even prettier, by changing pink to a more diva like pink and changing the base to blue glitter - all for your little princess.

Once your child is old enough to use the toilet, the detachable soft potty seat fits on top of a regular or elongated adult toilet seat.
The step stool can be use to assist in climbing on and off the toilet and reaching up to the sink to wash the little ones hands. Varroooomm !!Multi Function Potty Chair like this one are a helpful tool to have while going through the potty training process!
This Disney Cars Potty Chair converts from a potty chair to a soft potty seat (Check out all of our Soft Potty Seats) and step stool (Don't forget to check out all of our Step Stools). Well, the good news is although most people will tell you that your child should be potty trained by the age of 2, statistics say otherwise. Wouldn't buy this one Disappointed (Aug 24, 2011) Reviewer: Jackie Rogers The chair is cute, but the pee goes all over the floor under the rim, you really have a mess to clean up after they use it. HORRIBLE!!!

If the deflector shield was part of the catch basin and not the "tire" cushion seat it would do the trick. Sad part is my son thought it was the coolest potty ever and refuses to use any other potty! An Ok Potty Chair by Aidan's mom (Feb 17, 2011) Reviewer: Emily This potty chair is really comfy and the perfect height. But the soft removable ring is a problem, every time he goes urine collects between the ring and the seat and leaks all over the bathroom!

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