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And with that my nostalgia was replaced with a reminder that I have two fully potty trained boys.
Just in case this post makes you completely trust my judgement, you may want to hear more from me and some of my favorite friends and buy our book!
When I read #3, I immediately thought of the time we had to climb to the top of the Chick-Fil-A playground and wrestle my 4-year-old back down to earth with his poopy pants.
I am potty training my first boy and I have to give it up to my husband who discovered the magic trick. As someone who has trained four boys and is on the cusp of training a fifth, I say, Amen sister! As someone who has potty trained four boys and who is on the cusp of training another one, I say, Amen sister! On any given day you will find me taxi-ing a teenager, mopping up our latest "art project" and trying to remember when I turned the crock pot on… all the while, looking for the closest Starbucks drive thru. Although keep in mind, the minute you get over-confident and let him pee standing up, this whole process will begin again.

See my son hates public toilets, in order for him to sit on it he has to straddle it and get his butt all the way back so you don’t have to hold him.
My five year old still dances and jiggles and crosses his legs and insists he does not have to go to the bathroom – and then promptly pees his pants two minutes later.
Any yearning for one more baby to fill those tiny clothes was squelched at the thought of potty training another male. Boys would much rather pee down their leg or poop on the sidewalk than ever, ever, stop what they are doing to head to a bathroom. Pull him out of wherever he is hiding and get out of there before you have to endure the wailing cries of all children involved as the play area is shut down for decontamination. Your bathroom will become a shooting range with marked targets such as the floor, the wall and the corner opposite the toilet (I will never figure out how it gets over there). So I thought, since I survived, I would give you my completely-not-expert tips on how to do the same.
If you have not already learned this from the insane amount of diapers you have changed in the past several years, you will learn it now.

When training my daughter, once she “got it” I was able to fade out the stickers and candy and she had continued success. Bless my husband (or whoever told him this trick and didn’t tell me) who came up with the idea of letting him stand on the seat. Boys shoot far and wide, vertical and horizontal, and the excitement of peeing freely adds at least a foot of distance to their stream. At school they have toilets that only stand 3 inches off the ground so he can stand there and arch his back and pee like daddy. I will gladly wipe the seat down when he is done if it means I can carry only one pair of extra clothes in my purse instead of 4.

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