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Anywho, his mom “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss Tucker is being criticized for a few Instagram videos she posted recently. Some are saying 4-months is way too early while others have flooded Kandi’s comments section thanking her for the parenting tip.
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Intent on watching a YouTube clip of the "The Bare Necessities," but too tiny to see the computer screen from the floor, baby Jonas does nine pull-ups in just over a minute. Tom Schaar "made history by soaring above a 27-foot quarterpipe wall, spinning three full rotations and landing with his board still underfoot," TheGrindTV reported.
Kandi Burruss Tucker is coming under fire for starting the potty training process early on 4-month-old Ace Wells Tucker. In the clips, she attempts to start the potty training process on her baby boy, placing him on the toilet (with a baby seat) so he can get used to sitting on the toilet.

Maybe he'll even grow up to rival record-holders Giuliano Stroe (who did 20 air push-ups at age 5) or Naomi Kutin, who squatted 215 pounds at age 10. Today I didn’t get the diaper off quick enough & he started going as soon as I sat him on the toilet!

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