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After introducing the potty over a period of a few months, I carved out a few days to officially start training. Day 1: OK, so the first day I kept Raffi naked and gave him lots of stuff he would never normally have. Over time I stopped using the Pull-Up on top of his undies for outings, and started putting him in undies with a Pull-Up on top for nap. Everyone wants to know if it’s better to use the toilet insert or the potty on the floor. We bought about 25 pairs of Thomas & Mickey underwear and went through about 15 of them the first day. I’d love for you to share any potty training tips you have so that anyone coming upon this post can have even more tips to learn.
Daycare followed my lead without a problem – they just asked me to send lots of changes of clothes in case he needed them.
My daughter was potty trained very early too and everyone asks me how I did it and my biggest thing was, I did not rush. I came across this program that showed my wife and I how to potty train our son within three days.
It took a few weeks for R to stop having a daily accident, and it took a couple of months before he completely stopped having accidents.
Hi, my daughter is 23 months old and she have been potty training for almost 1 month, she did great I think the 3 first weeks she rarely had accidents I think 3 and only pee, we went on a trip last week and out of nothing she stop telling me she has to go and today she had many accidents, I’m so frustrated right now is like being back in the beginning and worse, what should I do, help? For the first two days, all I did was serve as potty boot camp sergeant, wearing a line in the floor between the kitchen and the bathroom.
My initial plan was to potty train in stages as I did her brother, to nail daytime now and not stress out about nighttime. I am a writer who also knows my way around Excel spreadsheets thanks to my corporate finance career. October 14, 2012 By Jamie Roubinek Leave a Comment If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Since then, thousands of toddler moms have arrived at this page searching for the keywords potty-training a 21-month old.
I’ve decided R is potty trained because he wears undies full time during the day, rarely has an accident, initiates bathroom visits, etc. If you feel your child is ready but everyone around you claims he can’t be, trust yourself. I chose not to do a parent directed method because I wanted him to learn and understand his body’s signs, even if that meant it would take him longer to initially stop having accidents. He was given french fries and pretzels and juice and fun water cups and my house was full of crumbs and spilled water. You have to learn how to hold it, how to release it, know when you have to go, be able to communicate that to someone, etc. I had lots of questions and took advantage of the nuts and bolts board to have them answered. In the last month he has learned how to do it, but it takes him to long when he has to use the bathroom so I still do it for him. I bought R size 2T-3T since that was the smallest available, even though he wears 18-24 month clothing.
You say it’s no big deal, but to read through it sure sounds like it was a little complicated.
MacKenna’s only a month younger than R, but we are no where even close to being ready. My son went on his potty by himself (without me initiating) a couple of times, when he was naked at home, so I really think he’s ready. He goes there on Wednesdays and I started on a Thursday so by the following Wednesday he wasn’t having too many accidents.
My son is almost 20 months old now and we are in pull ups most days, but having issues with babysitter and dad taking him to potty often enough. There were some great techniques and helpful information there that I felt compelled to share with others. To be honest, he had a monthly accident for several months before he was completely trained around 2. I finally realized that if I didn’t make a big deal out of it my son would correct himself and stop having accidents after a few days. Just a few minutes ago my 3-year old daughter ran hurriedly, cross-legged into the bathroom.
Freedom from diapers is a major parenting milestone and a huge step toward toddler independence. Her preschool has a policy that does not allow diapers or pull-ups and I was hopeful since she had the acquired language for several months. The teacher noticed she was in either a diaper or pull-up and reminded me of preschool policy that these were not permitted. What happens is you put your child in regular underwear, give him or her gallons to drink, and keep them confined, preferably on a carpetless surface so you can get them on the potty every hour.
In teaching her to drop everything and run, so am I, to help her in her race to get the potty on time. I also write about being new to the area, infertility and parenting a gifted child while simultaneously mothering a child with a speech delay. Everyone said Raffi was too young, but I felt he wasn’t and thought I had a good window to work on it.
I did this for the first couple of weeks and even now check in every few days so that I can see his progress.
Accidents are an important learning tool in potty training, and they are really no big deal.
I think it’s important that you show them you trust them to trust their bodies, so I tried to phase out the Pull-Up barrier and the naptime one as soon as possible.

No one method works for anyone, so it’s important to be able to brainstorm different ideas to move past any obstacles. I wait for him to tell me, but if he hasn’t gone in about 3 hours I will ask him if he needs to go. I can’t express enough how much I learned from The Nuts and Bolts of Toilet Training board (what TO do AND what NOT to do), and I found it to be more informative than any book I could have read. Hopefully we can get our place organized for a good potty training set-up, and get started soon.
About 3 weeks ago, we just picked a weekend and went for it (bare bottom day 1, undies by day 3 (pull-up for nap and nighttime, although he trained himself quickly for those) and we haven’t looked back (fingers crossed).
And I’m getting to a point that I cannot take the diaper changing wrestling matches anymore.
I totally agree with you the child should be potty trained as soon as possible and that we are the ones who have to spend some time and support them in such a huge developmental step.
She held it in for a few days and got completely constipated so would rather she listen to her body and go in a pull up but this is not what I was hoping for. Raffi has a tough time sitting for long enough so I’ve been giving him my phone or a book to try and get him to stay longer. In his case, he would have accidents under stress- for example traveling or having a new babysitter.
I generally will take her to the potty when I feel like she has to go, since she is not telling me when she wants to go. In theory, we could put away the extra coin we don't have to fork over to Proctor and Gamble each month into the kids' college funds. In fact one of her first sentences was "I have to go POOP-IE!" Still, every time we put her on she just fought it.
The only cleaning that got done was related to her accidents but there's been plenty of that. In between, I am constantly asking her, "Are you dry?" or "Do you have to go potty?" I sound like a broken record. Each day at nap and bedtime I hear the screams after I leave her room, "I have to go potty!" I'll help put her on, leave her again, then a few minutes later, "I have to go potty!" Sometimes I think it's a stalling tactic, something she is quite good at, but when I put her on there usually is something there. On Friday, I took her to speech, she went potty there, then back home where she went again. I’m definitely no expert, but I want to share what I have learned in the hopes it can help someone else. It helps a lot when you’re feeling discouraged to be able to look back and see how much they have improved over time. I kept Clorox wipes around to clean the hardwoods, and for the first two weeks had to use Resolve on my carpets a few times.
I would ask him to tell me when he had to go, but I only insisted he sit on the potty before and after nap, before bed, first thing in the morning, before we’d leave the house, and when we arrived somewhere. Within a week I was using both, and when we are out I often bring the toilet insert with us.
I also found that having support on those bad days where they seem to regress was really encouraging. Just remember that accidents are good learning tools and potty training doesn’t happen overnight. We didn’t push it but supported her when she wanted to use the potty every once in a while.
I started slowly training my daughter at around 18months and by 24 months we never used diapers. She will sit in her potty chair for 10 or 15 mins, just scribbling on some papers with crayons or doing some activities, but she wont pee or poo. I probably would keep it up but maybe try doing naked bottom for a day or two – catch her mid act and race her to the potty. My son is 20 months and after 5 days of training he is comfortable with peeing but will not sit long enough to poo. I'll be honest though, some of that money is going to end up at Fire + Wine, or perhaps Gibsons. I learned from my son that forcing it before he was cooperative just doesn't work, so I decided once again to let her set the pace. The problem with pull-ups that I learned with my son is that they are too absorbent so your little one cannot tell if he or she is wet or dry. On the other hand, my daughter's personality seemed to be more compatible with the boot camp approach, or so I read.
Maybe the money not going to Proctor & Gamble will end up at Reckitt Benckiser with all of the Lysol wipes I have gone through. She was good for a grocery run to Jewel, then home to put groceries away, and yes, potty again.
We also had to change clothes a thousand times the first two weeks, but what’s the big deal? Any accidents were neatly contained and I could just switch his undies and Pull-Up and move on with our day.
Once he got better control of his bladder (about 2-3 weeks in) I switched to only making him sit before and after nap, first thing in the morning and before bed.
I think I had R in a public bathroom within a few days so it would never be a scary experience for him. Then we used rewards for going potty, then switched to rewards for staying dry, and finally rewards for pooping in the potty. Jury is out on whether we’re going to still try to have her trained before this baby is born or just let her wait.
My little guy has had dry diapers in the morning for months now and has been wanting to sit on our potty, so we went out and got him a little potty, and brought it home, and boom, he sat on it and peed. Once I put her underwear back and bring her out of bathroom she will sit in the carpet or bed and pee.

Her pediatrician agreed and said at her well-visit, "She knows and one day she will decide it's for her." My son was also supposed to be fully potty trained to attend his preschool but that school allowed pull-ups at first and by the end of September he was out of them so it was never an issue.
Everything else he has learned has taken weeks to master, why wouldn’t potty training? For a pee accident I would just throw the clothes in the washing machine, and for a poop accident I would rinse out the clothing and then wash and soak in hot water in the washing machine. Now I simply ask him if he has to go before we leave the house, and if he says no we leave and that’s that.
I also think it’s important for them to know that they can take a quick break from playing to use the bathroom and they can go back to playing after. The Baby Bjorn stand alone potty ($28)  is great, but IKEA has one identical to it for much cheaper called the LOCKIG ($9.99).
I’m glad to hear words of encouragement and to see accident free can take up to 6 weeks. I have spent enough time around 3 and 4 year olds to know even the best of them have plenty of accidents in their thin Minnie Mouse or Minions 3Ts. I think lots of people make a mistake in forcing their children to sit on the potty at regular intervals because they don’t want accidents. I didn’t think Raffi would understand or appreciate the pretend potty play, but he was really interested in it and I think it helped him that first day. He has been forced to ask to go to the bathroom when out which has helped him to learn to initiate and to use bathrooms all over town.
We currently use rewards only for doing a full poop on the potty (with no mini accident before), in which case he gets to pick a toy or a chocolate. We have one in R’s bathroom and one in the bathroom next to the living room where he plays. So really, how sanitary is it since you know on a given day at least one of them is going to be running around dripping urine or smearing e coli everywhere?
His only reward the first day was getting to pour the pee into the toilet from the small potty, but it was fun for him and fine for the first day.
For toilet inserts we have a CARS one that we use at home and a Sesame Street one that lives in the car or stroller to take along with us. I keep reminding him and ask him if he needs to go but he just says no and continues on with his activities. Worse than the additional gas I am guzzling, potty training also means less playtime for us. When she climbs up to stool in front of the sink, she must still hoist herself up, placing her whole torso on the rim of the sink to reach the faucets.
We are working through it though, and luckily I don’t mind hanging around the bathroom for 45-60 minutes so he can take care of business.
I want him to know that I am listening, and that it’s normal to stop your daily activities to use the bathroom. I brought it everywhere the first few weeks, but now only bring it if we are going to be somewhere for several hours.
But then if we go to the park or someplace else… he will let me know he needs to go without accidents. To keep her clean and dry in a public restroom, I will have to hold her up the whole time, which can be a strain.Hmm. We also got two TROGEN bathroom stools from IKEA ($19.99) so he can wash his hands independently. I am not really liberated from anything, and in fact, I have to be even more attentive to her potty needs than before.So why did we do it?
I believe she really was intrinsically motivated and that we were just reminding her that she can pee in the potty and hold it when she’s not in the bathroom.Girls versus boys? I am lucky to be conducting all sorts of social science experiments in my house by having one child of each gender.
We started with naked all the time, taking him to the potty everytime he peed on the floor. A couple of hours ago he woke up from his sleep and insisted I take his pull off so he could pee.
Two days after we did that, she started to make connections with going pee and having a wet diaper. She has days where she pees on the potty all day and days where she just isn’t in the mood.
She knows when she is pooping, she will tell me after she does it and sometime when she is about to.
I plan on just not worrying about it and try to lead by example like I have done with peeing on the toilet.
Now she is running out of room on her step stool ?? I am working on make sure she gets plenty of fiber cause right now she is getting too much starchy stuff cause I let her eat it if she wants it cause she needs to gain weight.
I have just started training my 21month old coz she asked to sit on the potty and tells me just when shes about to poop.
Also, when we started, she went on the potty almost all the time (pee) but after 4 days, its been going downhill.
The only problem is she only says wee wee when she is actually doing it so if we don’t catch her in time it ends up on the floor or in her knickers. I know that every child develops at their own pace, but I still worry that maybe it’s too early. In the beginning she thought it was fun to sit on the potty, now I can’t seem to get her to stay put long enough to pee. I stopped and tried again and year later and it took just a week to train her and she was fully trained by day 10.

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