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By Brittany Dixon 52 Comments Our experience potty training a two year old, complete with what worked and what didn’t. At 4 days in, I’m hardly a seasoned veteran, but before I forget what the beginning was like, I wanted to share our experience with potty training at two and a half years old. The Lead Up: We’ve been thinking about potty training for a while and why we chose to wait until I was 35 weeks pregnant?

There won’t be any shots of Hailey on the potty (too personal in my opinion) and I’ll use the language we use (tee-tee, potty and poopie – yes, go ahead and cringe, I still do). Personally I prefer the Minnie Mouse because I don’t have to clean it out, but I wanted her to have options.
About a week before tackling it, we started talking to Hailey about using the big girl potty like mommy.

In doing this she’d get to wear her BIG GIRL undies (this is a BIG deal and we talked it up majorly).

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